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Who Rules: Admiral Nikita Seaskate (LN, Human Female, F17) rules a coastal city without a navy, the title being a holdover of years gone by. She is a shrewd politician, but not the very best judge of character. To that end she is prone to be overly trustful of people, which has caused some problems from time to time. Her husband died 15 years ago and she is raising twin daughters and a son on her own, and sometimes she puts them before the city

Who Really Rules: The Council of Captains is comprised of 10 prominent members of the city who act as liaisons between the populace and the Admiral. They don't have a lot of power, but they have a lot of influence and often have to act to make sure the Admiral stays focused on the city.

Population: 11,000 (85% human, 14% halfling, 1% mixed other)

Major Products: Glassware, furniture, pewter, pottery, trade, wool, leather goods, sheep, cattle, smoked meats, a sake-based brandy called Yessel-Tur, and a very strong, richly flavored beer made from mushrooms called Mushmalt.

Armed Forces: 650 (200 heavy infantry, 150 light infantry/archers, 150 mixed cavalry, 150 artillerists/engineers). The Merchant's Guild also maintains a fleet of 15 mixed warships and a force of 500 marines. These additional forces are under the direct control of Sir Komek Pinebole (LG, Halfling Male, F12), the head of the Merchant's Guild.

Notable Mages: Azzan Redrealm (CG, Human Male, W19) is the head of the Mage's Guild. He is very strict in the running of his guild, with sets of rules that can sometimes boggle the mind. While there is a high turnover rate of mages within the guild, the vast amount of knowledge to be learned at the guild makes the harshness of Azzan seem worth it.

Cassandra the Quick (NE, Gnome Female, I15/T16) is the only permanent resident mage in Yessel who is not a member of the Mages Guild. Yet, she spends most of her time their, under the guise of a male elf named Silvereyes. She makes a living acquiring information from the guild library for those who don't want their identity to be known.

Strebla Cazarra (LN, Human Male, W15) is a truly accomplished mage, but he devotes most of his time developing both magical and non-magical siege weapons. Slanig Iro of RaMoen is a good friend who can often be found visiting Yessel. His current pet project is furnace that will turn out catapult missiles that are perfectly round and have their speed magically increased, thus increasing range and damage.

Notable Churches: Waukeen, Deneir, Mystra, Azuth, Istisha, Eldath, and Torm.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The head of The Forged Sigil is simply known as Captain (NE, Human Male, W12/T15) and who always wears a mask. Some suspect he is a mage due to his uncanny skill in acquiring goods, and just in staying ahead of the competition and the authorities, but this has never been proven. He runs a highly successful guild which even owns a couple of pirate ships. He is presently talking with The Black Hand about working together.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout the city, but non-magic using types tend to be looked down upon by a lot of the populace. The exception is the Wharf Ward, located on the western side of the city, and home to a rougher sort of crowd than the rest of the city. The Humble Hole is an inn that caters to adventurers and is quite popular.

Important Characters: Timble Greenbrow (NG, Halfling Male, P5) is one of the best gardeners in the Regions, and he is often sought out for advice on improving crops and for his special recipe for fertilizer. He also makes and incredibly strong and potent brandy known as Greenbrow Gullet. It is always made in limited amounts each year, and quite expensive. He is co-owner of the Mushmalt Brew House and directly oversees the growing of all the ingredients used in Mushmalt.

Jarrend Barrowwaist (LN, Human Male, W4) wasn't very good as a mage, but he loved to work with his hands and turned to making barrels and chests of high quality. He specializes in making secret compartments, and he is quite good at finding them in items that are brought to him for inspection.

Garwolf Greybreath (LG, Dwarf Male, F15) lives to the east of town, raising herds a sheep, which he guards with his 21 children and 100+ war dogs. He is an expert on goblins, kobolds, giants, and their kin, and an expert on raising and slaughtering sheep. His smoked meats are a delicacy. He is also an expert dog trainer and breeder.

Important Features in Town: Yessel used to be a port city, and it kind of still is. In the past, it was built on an island in a bay that jutted into the shore. Then, about 100 years ago, an earthquake devastated the area, including parts of the town. It also resulted in the land at the mouth of the bay rising up. This sudden uprising caused most of the damage to the town, but it saved the town from massive waves that more than likely would have destroyed it completely. The town found itself isolated on the island of a newly formed lake. Once the city was rebuilt, the ruler, still going by his title of Admiral, built a second wall surrounding the lake. The lake has only one bridge, on the north side, but many barges and pleasure craft traverse from the city to the outer walls. In all, there are four gates into the city, and four in the outer wall. The most used gates are both the western ones, for these lead down to the New Wharf section, which is the only inhabited area outside of the city walls. It is, in essence, a small town of about 1,000 people living amongst the warehouses and docks of the rebuilt waterside. Several well guarded tunnels connect the lake to the sea to help keep the water of the lake from becoming stagnant and to let fish in.

Local Lore: Life in Yessel is quite calm, for the most part. A lot of people consider it to be one of the most peaceful cities within the Regions. This is true, but only because of the large number of mages who reside in the city, which is known as a place a magical learning. The lands to the east, though, are a rough place. The planes are known to be inhabited by tribes of kobolds and goblins, as well as packs of wargs. Beyond them, the hills are a haven for giants and their kin. Many adventurers sail to Yessel, stay for a few days, and then go off on what the locals refer to as "Gallows Hunts," so called because a lot of the adventurers would have saved a lot of trouble to simply go directly to the gallows rather than be cut down by a pack of blood thirsty monsters.


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