League of Chondalwood


Who Rules: Lord Minister Armin Coalforge (LG, Dwarf Male, P12) was an advisor to the king, who was in the process of trying to produce an heir to the throne but he died without an heir. He had no living relatives so Queen Miira requested that Armin take over while she and her advisors tried to figure out a way to produce an heir. That was 15 years ago. Given that the Queen is still a young elf there doesn't appear to be any hurry.

Who Really Rules: Armin rules, though he pays close attention to anything and everything that the Queen says. There is talk of the Queen marrying to produce an heir and people are curious to see how that might affect the balance of power.

Population: 24,100 (80% elf, 12% dwarf, 5% human, 3% mixed other races)

Major Products: Trade, Quarried stone, coal, lumber, furniture, City of Gold Ale, and Blacktongue, a very potent liquor derived from blackberries and which can permanently stain the tongue black if drunk in vast quantities over the course of years.

Armed Forces: 750 (200 mounted light infantry/archers, 200 heavy infantry, 150 artillerists/engineers, 200 mixed cavalry).

Notable Mages: Dunixi DeJael (LG, Lizardman Male, W16) was an outcast from his tribe and accidentally saved the former king from an orc raid. He liked the king and followed him to Trayoon. He is now old and head of the mages guild. He is an expert on mining and not surprisingly, reptiles.

Goren Quickmind (NG, Elf Male, W14) is an expert on spell components, especially those that grow in wooded areas.

Catalli Laurelwreath (LN, Elf Female, W12) is in theory an expert on artifacts. She only knows a little bit about a few artifacts, but she has devoted her life to collecting books on artifacts and that source of information is quite extensive. People visit her from all over asking her advice. She is also an expert on judging people's true nature within seconds of meeting them and she isn't shy about turning people away for no other reason. She lives within the guildhall and occasionally the guild has been forced to help defend her against overly powerful beings who have tried to forcefully gain knowledge from her.

Notable Churches: Mielikki, Sune, Lathander, Lliira, and Waukeen.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The local chapter of the The Black Hand is run by Doubleblade (LE, Human Male?, T14), the youngest guild head amongst The Black Hand, but one of the most successful. Despite its small size, the local guild brings in hefty profit by preying on caravans that move through Trayoon. The guild is careful not to be too active within the city itself lest it bring the wrath of the Lord Minister down upon itself. To that end, a lot of the guild members are bandits and quite skilled both upon the plains of Southern Rossak and amongst the trees of Chondalwood.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout Trayoon, though The Rumor and Kitt's Place are known as places to go if one seeks adventurers or if one wishes to offer one's services along those lines.

Important Characters: Rig Segellsson (CN, Gnome Male, F4/P5) makes the best gloves in town and he sells to both the rich and the poor. Because he does so much business he has a vast list of connections, and he has been known to arrange meetings between people, for a price.

Theodore the Krag (LG, Dwarf Male, F8) owns a quarry and specializes in elaborate masonry carvings for building facades. He is also an expert geologist with a vast knowledge of the South Rossak Mountains.

Ferril Robincrest (LN, Elf Male, F7) runs a bowyer/fletcher shop that specializes in high quality bows and arrows. His arrows fly 5% further than regular arrows and his bows have an increased range of 5%. When combined they give an extra 12% on range. His crew of 20 employees is constantly working long hours trying to keep ahead of demand. The prices at The Robin's Nest are high, but the merchandise is definitely worth it. Ferril credits his arrow's increased range to his use of robin feathers.

Peggy Highhope (LN, Halfling Female, P6) is an avid mountain climber and adventurer. She claims to have once seen a city of gold inhabited by demons in a hidden vale high in the South Rossak Mountains. This claim has never been verified and Peggy has never been able to relocate the vale. Because of this most people think that she is a raving lunatic and do not take her seriously.

Important Features in Town: Trayoon is built on a large hill about 500 yards outside of The Chondalwood. The hill is 90% surrounded by a river that flows out of the forest, loops the hill, and then snakes along the edge of the woods North for a ways before stretching out across the plains. The entire hill is surrounded by a wall that runs along the river, giving the town more room than it needs. All the extra land is used as park space and is spread randomly throughout the town. In all, the city could use about 75% of the available park space and increase its population to about 30,000 without things getting too crowded.

There are two gates leading into the city. One is on the west side of town where the city is not surrounded by the Tray River. This gate is very heavily defended. On the east side of town is a smaller gate that opens up onto a long, narrow dock, that extends about 100' both north and south, hugging the town wall. This acts as the city wharf for river traffic, which is quite heavy.

Within the city one's wealth is determined by how far up the southern side of the hill one lives. This is because the south side of town has a great view of the South Rossak Mountains. A few enterprising people have purchased homes just over the top of the hill and added tall towers, but this fad was short lived because those on the south side of the hill still looked down upon those upstart "hill cresters.

Local Lore: Surprisingly, Trayoon is quite peaceful. The most common source of action is as a caravan guard. The reason for this is that the plains outside the woods is home to a couple tribes of thri-kreen. They don't venture close to the town so most people who don't travel don't care that they live somewhat near to them. In addition there are a couple of herds of evil-aligned centaurs roaming about the plains.

A lot of adventurers do come to Trayoon, though, because of the fabled Valley of Gold, which is rumored to be somewhere in the northern regions of the South Rossak Mountains. Once in a while a large flash of gold can be seen of in the mountains, usually at sunset. The valley is rumored to be inhabited by gold-skinned devils with long tails and horns.


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