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Miscellaneous Information


Here you will find information on D&D and gaming in general. Some of it has to do with my campaign, and some of it does not. This page will more than likely be changing on a regular basis.


Dark Dungeons, a 1984 anti-D&D leaflet by Jack Chick
How to be a Rat Bastard DM: a small essay
RPGNow: an online store
Tucker's Kobolds - an essay
The Order of the Stick: an online D&D comic


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The World of Icengale

The World of Icengale is another of my longterm projects,
one that I have been working on for close to 10 years now. It
has often sat idle for years at a time but I always come back
to it every now and then.

Icengale is a massive world that is split in two by a massive
glacier that surmounts a massive mountain chain that spans
almost the entire world roughly at the equator of world.
Passage over the glacier is well nigh impossible due to
an almost complete lack of oxygen at the high altitude of the
glacier, the extremely cold temperatures, and some highly
specialized denizens that enhabit this deadly realm. The two
halves of the world exist in almost complete ignorance of the
other half.

However, in one location the mountains are split by a channel that
is frozen solid and covered by the glacier. Every five years or
so the currents on both sides of this channel shift and warm
waters melt a tunnel through this channel. When this happens,
traders who had been waiting just for this event, rush through
to the other side. The passage is extremely dark and foggy.
To call it dangerous is an understatement. Traders either travel
through to the other side or meet at islands in this channel.
The channel lasts for a couple of months and closes quite rapidly.
Many a trader has become stranded on the other side, and many
more have died in the crushing ice of the freezing channel.


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