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The Crystal Hatchlings


Bridge Of Sorrows, by Den Beauvais The Crystal Hatchlings were founded in 2000 in a Barnes & Noble bookstore when a half dozen people responded to two internet ads. This was just after the introduction of 3rd Edition D&D and the group had a long discussion on which edition to play. As 3e at that time only consisted of the three core books and everyone in the group had a healthy collection of 2nd Edition books it was decided that the group would play AD&D. It was also decided that I would be the Dungeon Master. I was not thrilled with this prospect as I have always considered by DM-fu to be meager at best, but it turns out that my limited experience was more than everyone else's combined! So, I took on the mantle of Dungeon Master and about a month later, after many e-mail exchanges, I had a campaign setting started, a first adventure, and the group was formed!

The original group consisted of an Elven Cleric-Archer, a Gnome Illusionist, a Dwarven Warrior, a Human Thief, an Elven Fire-Mage, and an Elven. That group had some fun adventures but after about a year life started to take its toll. Some of the players left and a few new players joined. But, the group was soon reduced to Me and two regular players, Richard and Henry. We kept playing with a steady influx of a 4th and occasionally 5th player, but for a myriad of reasons the new players could not remain in the group.

Eventually I put the group on hold and started an intensive search for new players. After a while I had found 4 new players. By this time the Regions of Rossak area had grown in detail and I decided I wanted to try something new. This new idea was to require an expensive license for adventurers and to have the group starting out as apprentices with a sizeable debt (35,000 gold pieces) owed to their sponsor group. Everyone in the group thought that this was a great idea. The sponsor group was known as The Crystal Falcons, and another apprentice group mockingly called this group The Crystal Hatchlings. The name stuck.

Lorac Caledon and Cyan Bloodbane, by Clyde Caldwell After the first adventure one player left and another joined. That group, which I like to think of as the original Crystal Hatchlings, was comprised of Drew, Henry, Melissa, Michael, Otis, Richard, and Me. Their characters were Jubas Garristad, a Dwarf Arbalist-Thief, Corian Starfell, an Elf Wild Mage, Iolantle Galanodel, an Elf Mage, Godza Fermeir, a Half-elf Peasant Warrior, Fearghal the Magnificant, a Halfling Sorcerer, and Szandor Gerge, a Dwarvish Warrior-Lock Smith (do not dare call him a thief!). Early into their career, though, they struck it big, when one of Corian's spells surged and instead of a magic missile his spell transformed a pirate into a giant gemstone. The group quickly off this gem and was not only able to pay of their debt, but were also able to buy their own house in their home city.

Based out of the city of Sherrco the group has travelled far and wide and done many great things over the years. The group has also changed. Drew, Henry, and Michael all moved out of state and Otis's school and job took up too much time for him to continue on with the group. Jubas returned to his clan's homeland, Corian disappeared in a surge of wild magic, Godza had earned enough money to buy back his family farm and retired early as a hero, and Fearghal, because of his fame, was called home to lead the armies of the City of Goodhope. Richard/Szandor and Melissa/Iolantle are still adventuring. The current group consists of Baki, playing Baki the Bold, a Half-Elf Cleric-Ranger, Butch, playing Barley Strongarm, a Dwarf Warrior Monk, and Lena, playing a Kyle ne'Danay, an Elf Archer.

The group is currently involved in a quest to stop the spirit the once vanquished Demigod- Lich, King Tiannith the Defiler. Defeated centuries ago by a council of arch-mages, the spirit of King Tiannith was entombed with the aid of 10 magical rings crafted by the arch- mages and Tiannith's own spell book. His tomb, though, was plundered after it was accidentally revealed by an earthquake. The rings have been scattered across the Realms and his spell book is now lost. The Crystal Hatchlings have been able to acquire 4 of the rings and are currently endeavoring to acquire the fifth. The power of the spirit of King Tiannith continues to grow, as do his armies and his conquered lands. The group has also learned that some drow, possibly allied with King Tiannith, are currently on their own quest to acquire the rings.

More information about these adventurers is forthcoming. Please come back periodically and check for updates.


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"Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis,
and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age
undreamed of. And unto this, Conan, destined to wear the
jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. It is I,
his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let
me tell you of the days of high adventure!"

     -From Conan the Barbarian


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