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Wyrms of the Realms
Dragons of Fame and Infamy


The Wyrms of the Realms are biographies of famous dragons within my campaign. The format for these biographies is based off of the old Dragon Magazine series of articles titled "Wyrms of the North." While some of those dragons have been "relocated" to my campaign setting I am not sure if I can reprint them here so you probably won't see them. Here, though, are the biographies of two dragons of infamy within my game.


Dragon Head Thar'alean
The Emerald Pilferer
Dragon Head Drexellian
The Flaming Lord


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"There he lay, a vast red-golden dragon, fast asleep; a
thrumming came from his jaws and nostrils, and wisps
of smoke, but his fires were low in slumber. Beneath
him, under all his limbs and his huge coiled tail, and
about him on all sides stretching away across the
unseen floors, lay countless piles of precious things,
gold wrought and un-wrought, gems and jewels, and
silver red-stained in the ruddy light."

-J.R.R. Tolkien,
"The Hobbit"


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