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NPCs from my Campaign

This section will cover NPCs from my campaign and they will come in two different formats. One format will be detailed, fully-statted NPCs. The other are just brief descriptions of NPCs. The latter are based on article that appeared in Dragon Magazine #184. The article, written by C.M. Cline, was titled "The 7-Sentence NPC." The premise of this article is that in just seven sentences you can give a surprisingly detailed NPC. The 7 sentences detail Occupation & History, Physical Description, Attributes & Skills, Values & Motivations, Interactions with Others, Useful Knowledge, and Distinguishing Feature. If you have access to this issue of Dragon Magazine I highly recommend that check out this article.


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Alora Pearlhammer, Dwarf Female



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"Thus, Aruru, the Great Mother Goddess, having heard the laments of the people for the taming of their selfish young king Gilgamesh, created Enkidu out of an image formed in Her mind, which conceived all that was, is and will be. The Great Goddess made him out of the very essence of Anu, the Skylord and Ninhursag-Ki´s beloved, adding up to the mix the sacred clay and waters of the Abzu, the fertile depths of the Earth, to give birth to Enkidu, a star fallen from heaven, a grown man who was a sight to behold. Tall, slim but strong of body, long hair, face of incredible beauty and eyes of wonder and joy, clad in a garb of natural leathers trimmed with furs. Very much like Gilgamesh he was, yet totally unclouded by arrogance and pride. Born with the strength of Ninurta, the God of War, tough of body and hair waved like corn filaments, totally Innocent of Humankind and Wise in the Ways of Wild, beasts and spaces unconquered."

          -From The Tale of Gilgamesh


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