The Central Protectorate


Who Rules: First Lord Sergith Longstride (NG, Human Male, F16) is called the First Lord because he is just that, the first lord and ruler of Zamuda. He is turning out to be a very wise and noble ruler who is also very fair.

Who Really Rules: The First Lord is the sole ruler, though he has a group of 12 advisors who he consults with, and the populace often sends delegates to discuss matters with Sergith. He listens to all of them, but he makes the final decisions.

Population: 13,690 (45% gnome, 35% human, 10% dwarf, 5% elf, 5% mixed others).

Major Products: Trade, quarried stone, bricks, textiles, river boats, bricks, iron rations, maps, and a brandy known as The High Tower, which is a seemingly mild distillate but packs a mighty good punch.

Armed Forces: Zamuda's standing army is 400 mounted light infantry/cavalry. The city also boasts a milita of 3,000 (1,000 heavy infantry, 1,000 mixed cavalry, 750 light infantry/archers, and 250 artillerists/engineers). In the direst of circumstances 65% of the city's entire population can turn out in defense of the city.

Notable Mages: Threel Coppertongue (LN, Human Male, W15) is the first head of the local mage's guild and school. He specializes in training those who are just starting out. He is known for a large collection of books containing beginner's spells which he will let almost anyone look at and copy from.

William Oksel (NG, Gnome Male, I12) was raised as an orphan amongst humans. He used to spend a lot of time disguised as a human, but only recently has he started to embrace his true heritage. He spends a lot of time teaching disguise type spells, but he is also becoming an expert on ancient gnomish history through his constant studying.

Notable Churches: Waukeen, Gond, Oghma, Deneir, Helm, and Lliira.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The Black Hand's local chapter, known as The Black Blades, is run by Jebidell the Hook (LE, Human Male, T18). His former faction was the strongest to survive the particularly brutal war for control of the alleyways of Zamuda, but it was costly to all involved. When The Black Hand started to move Jebidell quickly talked his way into assuming leadership for them. It was a very profitable decision to Jebidell, his surviving cohorts, and The Black Hand.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout the entire city.

Important Characters: Big Bruce (LG, Human Male, T9) is what he likes to call an expert "Thief Tracker." He is in reality a bounty hunter who specializes in retrieving stolen goods and those who stole them. He also hires himself out as a consultant who breaks into people's homes and businesses to help make them thief-proof. The local guild lets him be because they fear him immensely.

Brother Horkel (LN, Gnome Male, P10) is the head of a small band of priests and monks who devote their lives to making maps and traveling the Regions making sure their maps are accurate. They are also all very good land assayers.

Deacer Ironsoul (CG, Dwarf Male, F6) is an expert weaponsmith and goldsmith who specializes in doing custom inlay for wealthy clientele. He also dabbles in inlay work for weapons.

The River Maiden (CN, Gnome Female, F7) runs a cargo hauling business that transports goods up and down the Rive Nun, the Ormvald Flow, and the Upper Chondrun. She also manufactures boats for the surface, and for use in the underground rivers beneath the Regions. She does have a ferry surface between two underground dwarven cities in the area and her or her employees are sometimes hired out as guides to parts of the netherworld.

Calvin Zamuda (NG, Human Male, W12/F10) is a very young, yet very wise man with visions of greatness. He is the founder of Zamuda and is responsible for its unique nature. He is also extremely rich and fronted a lot of the money used to build the city.

Ben the Oldlander (CG, Human Male, F4/B10) is a former jester who found the intrigues of court life too deadly, so he traded in his hat and shoes for a lute and sword and took up the safer profession of wandering minstrel, a job he excels at. He still knows much that goes on in the courts of the Regions. For this he has to tread lightly when composing lampoons.

Important Features in Town: Zamuda is a truly one-of-a-kind city within the Regions, within the entire Realms at that. It was founded four years ago by Calvin Zamuda, after spending 5 years traveling the Regions spreading the word about the new city he wanted to build. What attracted so many people was that they would vote on the ruler of the city and be able to send delegates to their leader with questions, ideas, etc. A lot of people scoffed at the idea, and a couple of cities even threw him out and banned him for life as a troublemaker. In all, though, just over 10,000 people arrived at the outset. The first thing done was to set up a temporary tent city and commence with building the real city. They also had their first election, and much to the surprise of a lot of people, Calvin Zamuda wasn't elected, though the city did honor him by naming it after him. The big surprise, though, was the large number of gnomes who turned out to partake of this experiment in "Free Rule." Elections are to be held every five years and the city is gearing up towards its second election. A lot of people are already rooting for Zamuda, but First Lord Sergith Longstride has done such a great job that a lot of people are expecting him to rule for a second 5-year session.

The city is built in a circular pattern at the junction of the River Nun, the Lower Chondrun, and the Upper Chondrun rivers. It is a simple pattern, but the city is already starting to get a bit crowded. Plans are currently underway to expand outwards inland and to build a fortified New Wharf district across the Upper Chondrun, though representatives from Sherrco are discussing the demerits of this idea as it might interfere with river traffic.

Local Lore: A lot of people visit Zamuda, curious to check it out, some to cause trouble, others to contemplate its merits. There are a lot of fights in the city, but Zamuda has a very good constabulary force that maintains order. The city is also known as a place where adventurers can come to make a name for themselves because it is centrally located between the North and South Rossak Mountains, the Inner Sea of Rossak, and the Vilhon Reach. The plains to the west and south are still quite wild and it will be years before the evil denizens are thinned out enough for the area to be considered relatively safe.


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