The North Shore League


Who Rules: The Grand High Council, comprised of 9 of the most prominent citizens of the city, rules Shindo. In theory, and in practice, the King bestows the title of High Councilor. However, whenever there is a vacancy the money starts to flow like water to the king and his coffers. The king's only role is to select councilmen.

Who Really Rules: Even though the Grand High Council passes all the laws within Shindo, the King, Endan the Fox (NE, Human Male, F18), selects all new members of the Grand High Council. Over the years he has managed to make troublesome members disappear (poison, assassins, bribes, and on two occasions, public duels) and has arranged for men loyal to him to get selected. The King provides them with the money to make it look like they're "following the rules" while at the same time making a tidy profit from all the other bribes that come his way. He puts on an act to appear like a figurehead and only a select people know the truth. Those who know the truth have a nasty habit of disappearing with lightning speed if their loyalty appears to waiver the tiniest bit.

Population: 52,350 (98% human, 2% other).

Major Products: Arms, armor, coal, crates, oil, kegs, iron rations, produce, salted herring, a travel ration made of fish baked in hard bread, and Coral Cask Rum, a cheap but potent drink that is a different color from batch to batch.

Armed Forces: 3,500 (2,000 mixed infantry, 1,000 mixed cavalry, 300 expert archers, and 200 artillerists). Solarin also maintains a fleet of 2 heavy, 2 medium, and 6 light warships, each with a complement of marines on board.

Notable Mages: Connelyn Rayden (NG, Human Female, W17) is a linguistic savant. She is currently fluent in 34 languages, and can read an equal number, including some that are now dead languages. She also produces the occasional translation device.

Rayner Castlewolf (CE, Human Male, W15) is currently looking for a way to worm his way into the graces of King Endan. To that end he is constantly on the prowl looking for any information on any of this rivals, and allies. He is also highly knowledgeable on politics and geneology.

Notable Churches: Tempus, Torm, Chaunea, Gond, and Milil.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The Mask (LE, ? ?, T19) is the nominal head of The Poisoned Blade. No one knows The Mask's identity, and with a disguised voice, no one can say if it is a he or a she. In truth The Mask is a member of the local nobility but is merely a puppet of King Endan, who felt that taxes alone weren't enough to fill his coffers. In his secret running of the guild King Endan is extremely ruthless with any signs of disloyalty.

Equipment Shops: Full

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers who are not residents are not allowed to stay within Solarin. When they enter, they must turn all weapons over to the town guard and then each adventurer is given a personal escort to ensure they don't cause any trouble. Those adventurers who are residents must live within 100 yards of one of the town's towers and must wear bright red robes with yellow trim. They are allowed to keep weapons in their homes but are only allowed to practice with them at a licensed guild or training facility

Important Characters: Marlin Moondown (NG, Human Male, F15) is head of the local adventurers guild. It is because of his great kindness and knowledge of local laws that any adventurers reside in Solarin. His dues are a bit high, but it is to compensate for all the fees and bribes necessary to run the guild.

Darius Leaflimb (CN, Halfling Male, F6) is one of the few prominent non-humans living in Solarin. He is a money-changer, and the only one not controlled by the king. The king lets him run his business because he is contemptible towards non-humans and doesn't think he can run a successful business. If he knew the truth he'd murder Darius. To that end Darius keeps two sets of books.

Octavia (LE, Human Female, Psion15) is known as The First Lady of Death. Most people have heard rumors of a mysterious woman who kills indiscriminately for the sheer joy of killing, and many people avoid dark streets at night because of these rumors. The rumors are only partly true. The First Lady of Death is a killer, but she only kills for prophet, both as the occasional freelance thief and a hired assassin. Her psionic abilities make her a truly formidable foe and thankfully for Solarin she is often away on a job.

Important Features in Town: Solarin is actually located about 5 miles in from the coast. It used to be located on the shore, but one of King Endan's first acts as king was to move the city. This took a little over the year and it has actually worked out to the town's benefit. The former site of the town is now the location of Castle Fox, which overlooks and protects the harbor, which is now secretly owned by King Endan. The land between the port and the new location, and all land around the town, now consist of fortified farms. These fortified farms are merely groups of normal farm houses surrounded by levies and palisades. The farmers think this is great, but the real reason behind the fortifications is merely to slow up any invaders. Even if they knew the farmers probably wouldn't care. Since the town has moved piracy and raids are down by about 66%.

The city itself is built atop a large hill, which commands a great view of the surrounding countryside and port area. Four gates are laid out lined up with the four compass points, but only one is open at any given time, and this is determined by the time of day. Once inside the city, there are 5 concentric rings, each with two gates. The innermost ring is actually owned by the council and contains the councilmen's private estates. This was designed by the king to further increase the appearance that he is merely a figurehead.

Local Lore: Most activity worthy of adventurers in the area takes place beneath the farmland surrounding the city. Bullettes are a bit of a problem and there is a standing bounty on any and all bullettes killed. Also, the coal mines are deep and elaborate, and they contain a total of twelve underground forts that connect with the underdark. Lots of these fortresses overlook walled up caves, but are manned just in case. The king brings in a tidy sum of money charging tolls for those who wish to enter into the Underdark. Sometimes a very large drow raiding party breaks through one of the forts or through a new access point and wreaks havoc on the mines and a few local farms. When this happens the king actually spends money on punitive missions and compensating grieving families. He may be greedy but he knows that he sometimes has to spend money to make more.


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