Steel Tor
The Crescent Coalition
Non-Region City


Who Rules: Duke Jet Tigerhelm (NG, Dwarf Male, F12) is what is known as a coalbino. His skin and hair are both a uniform shade of black. Despite his disturbing appearance he is much loved by his subjects for he is wise, fair, good natured, and shows a deep concern for the welfare of the city and people that he rules over.

Who Really Rules: Duke Tigerhelm rules completely, though he always listens to his cabinet of trusted advisors.

Population: 16,500 (45% human, 35% dwarf, 15% elf, 5% other).

Major Products: Iron, steel, copper, fish, goats, glass and glassware, quarried stone (especially a black granite streaked with veins of copper), weapons, armor, Crystal Lager ale, Lead Bottom Brandy, and Goblinfoe Militant Mead

Armed Forces: 750 (300 light infantry/archers, 200 heavy infantry, 200 engineer/artillerists, 50 war mages). The city can also muster most of the city as a militia numbering roughly 12,000 and a fleet of 12 light warships, each with 50-75 marines

Notable Mages: Captain Avine Sol'nol (LG, ½-Drow Female, W14) is head of the war mages and head of the local mages guild. She was born and raised in Steel Tor but she spent most of her life scouring the Goblin Lands in search of fame and fortune. Unlike most she found both and lived to tell about it. She is an expert on the local Underdark realms and dungeoneering in general. She is highly sought after by adventurers looking for advice and maps and she readily provides the information, with a healthy side of caution

Panu Blacknen (NG, Human Male, W11) hails from the lands of the Great Glacier far to the north but fled the cold many years ago. He is still highly knowledgeable about frigid climes and frequently heads back north. Naturally he is an expert on cold-based spells. He also crafts magic items designed to keep things cold

Notable Churches: Gond, Helm, Tyr, Tempus, Waukeen, and dwarf and elf temples deities.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Tyler Goldheart (NE, Halfling Male, T19) is not only the head of the Orc Shard Guild but he is also the only official member of the guild. The rest of the guild is made up of hired thugs. Their job is to protect Tyler's home, act as scouts and protection while Tyler is on a job, and to kill any thief that tries to set up shop in the city. Tyler is exceptionally greedy.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are very common Steel Tor and those that survive bring in a lot of money. As such adventurers are warmly welcomed throughout Steel Tor, though most favor The Barracks, a very large, sprawling inn that provides, with the assistance of the mage's guild, exceptional security for the storage of money and gear.

Important Characters: Janne the Carp (LN, Human Male, R11) spends most of his time as a scout with the military. When his duties permit he spends his free time far out to sea spear fishing large game fish. He is known for bringing in extremely rare deepwater specimens. These fish always command a high price and most of the profits are subsequently donated to the needy.

Captain Kirsin "Cursing" Mithrilale (NG, Dwarf Female, T14) is a retired adventurer who spent most of her career searching for her ancestral homelands and the secret to the Ale of the Gods. She often travelled with Avine Sol'nol. Now she is the head of the local militia. When she is not training with members of the local populace she runs her tavern, The Mithril Cresset, and brews Goblinfoe Militant Mead. Her ale, Fond Memory, is truly exceptional and she only sells in her establishment. Those who have tasted it and her mead are convinced that the ability to brew fine ale is a hereditary trait.

Ari Panhandler (CG, Human Male, B11) is an honorary member of the armed forces. He spends much of his time training the soldiers during the day and regaling the patrons of various inns with song and tales at night. He is a former adventurer with a soft spot for novices and will offer training and advice for those starting out their adventuring career.

Pulmi "the pocket" Marko (CN, Human Male, P11) is very popular with the children for he is fond of clothes with extradimensional pockets. His pockets, while emptied frequently, always quickly fill up with various odds and ends that Pulmi seems to absentmindedly pick up. He cheefully empties his pockets for children and is often just as surprised as the kids at what he finds.

Important Features in Town: Steel Tor is built in a circular pattern at the end of a short peninsula on a steep sided tor. Two roads carved out of the rock each start on opposite sides of the tor and spiral counterclockwise about three-quarters of the way up before merging into single road that then spirals up a littler bit more. The road finally ends at the seat of power, Castle Steel Tor, so named for the steel plating that lines its outer walls. The tor is so steep that for most of the two main roads there are only buildings on the left side, and these are carved into the rock. The tor is large enough that at lower elevations these buildings can be up to three stories upwards. Many stair cases cut directly up the sides of the tor and many buildings span several levels. There are even a few tunnels that cut directly through to the other side of the city. The entire tor is surrounded by a high wall and at the bottommost level are the heavily guarded entrances to the local mines. Many heavily fortified farmhouses dot the lands around the city.

On the north side of the city is a heavily guarded causeway that connects to a self contained walled port that lies 200 yards out to sea. The port is large enough to hold the city's 12 light warships and 8 other ships. While there are no docks along the causeway there are many steel cleats where ships can tie off while waiting their turn to load or unload cargo in the port. There are several privately owned piers near the city, but the town guard does not protect them. These private piers are heavily guarded and demand a high price to use. They are, however, much favored by those seeking to avoid scrutiny.

Local Lore: Steel Tor is a very dangerous city. Its close proximity to the Goblin Lands of the Underdark ensure that there are plenty of the goblin folk to make travelling far outside of the city to be extremely dangerous. Every few years a large force of will attack the city in an attempt to destroy it, much like they did 50 years ago to Steel Tor's sister city, Copper Tor, which was located on the coast to the West. The close proximity of many entrances to the Underdark is one reason why adventurers are always abundant in the city. In addition to the threat from under the ground the area around the city is subject to frequent pirate raids. These pirates prefer to raid outlying farms and merchant shipping, but from time to time they will try to raid ships tied up along the city causeway.


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