The Vilhon League


Who Rules: King Jedan Wooth (NG, Elf Male, D18) is a serious environmentalist and he strictly watches over what his citizens do to the local environment. He is very wise, and a very good king. Some of the citizens might chafe at his strict environmental policies, but he brings wealth into the city, and that more than offsets his strictness.

Who Really Rules: King Wooth rules, but he sometimes lets the representatives from the Emerald Enclave on the island of Ilighôn push him around. Fortunately, this doesn't happen too often, but it does occasionally lead to problems for Skeevaal

Population: 15,540 (90% human, 4% dwarf, 4% elf, 2% other races).

Major Products: Trade, parchment, wickerware, fish, dyes, lamp oil, barrels, ship repairs, and a very potent wine that is called Portobello Port. The recipe for this "port" is a highly guarded secret and it is rumored that the mushrooms only grow on "Giant Island." The deadly nature of this island means that this "port" commands a high price.

Armed Forces: 1,500 (300 archers, 500 infantry of mixed types, 500 marines with small assault craft, and 200 artillerists). Skeevaal also has a navy of 9 warships (2 heavy, 3 medium, and 4 light).

Notable Mages: Captain Denran Ornel (LG, Gnome Male, I20) came here years ago to research a specific spell from a mage in town, and he fell in love with the city. He has since joined the military and while he is officially part of the army he usually spends most of his time aboard ship taking an active part in keeping the city safe from pirates. When he can be found on land, he will answer any questions on illusion and enchantment spells. People now come to learn from him.

Labinnah (CN, Human Female, W18), along with her assistants, creates magical landmines that trigger a fireball spell when a specified target creature comes within a certain distance. Her current project is creating a suitable aquatic version to use against ships.

Notable Churches: Umberlee, Waukeen, Deneir, Tempus, Milil, and Oghma.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Rantor (LE, Sea-elf Male, T18) runs the Blood Tridents ruthlessly. Despite the town's small size the amount of shipping that comes through is sufficient enough for a large guild. Many of the members are sea-elves and most of those who are not have some sort of magical device for breathing underwater. The guild is very strict about keeping non-guild members from operating in the town. To that end they employ a small force of mercenaries who are trained to spot thieves and they apprehend any they find and turn them over to the guild. The guild then demands to know what they are doing in town and gives them the choice between leaving, staying, or dying. If they stay they can renounce their trade, or take The Test. Of those who take The Test most die and those who survive never reveal what they went through, even if the information is "forcefully" sought after.

Equipment Shops: Full

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout town, but most favor the Ship's Mast, an establishment made entirely out of old masts, even the furniture, plates and utensils. It is cheap but clean and the food is excellent. The menu is vast and features delicacies from as far away as Waterdeep and Kara-Tur.

Important Characters: Daphne Selin (NE, Human Female, F/T 15/16) is not a member of the local guild because she is a bounty hunter. In fact, the guild is her main employer and she tracks down many a troublesome thief for them. She will also track anyone, for the right price.

J'ni Fer (N, Elf Female, F15), early in her career, saw her adventuring group's ship sunk by a dragon. Since that day she has lived up to her moniker of "The Dragon Slayer." She knows more about most dragons within the Regions of Rossak than any other person alive and because of this she is highly sought after as a consultant or as a savior. Her prices are steep, but worth it.

Gayne(CN, Dwarf Male, F5) nearly died in a shipwreck while adventuring. The rest of his party was not so lucky. Gayne, however, recovered their bodies, gave them all proper funerals, and promptly sold off most of their magic items. Since then he has made a very tidy profit trading in magic items.

Important Features in Town: Skeevaal is built on several atolls that form a crescent shaped series of islands. There are no walls around the town, but all buildings that are built upon the shore are constructed soundly on the seaside. There is one port area on the southern-most end of town, and it is the only place that large ships are allowed to dock. Only small personal craft, those with the military or the King's personal craft are allowed to dock elsewhere. The channel between Skeevaal Atoll and neighboring Ilighôn island is about a mile wide, but because of the nature of Ilighôn very few craft sail it, except for smugglers bringing goods in and out to the thieves' guild.

Skeevaal is a small town, but it sees a lot of shipping coming through its port. While it isn't as busy as the ports of Grand Arbor or Kervinno it does see a lot of trade and brings in a lot of money. Also, because of its remoteness it sees a lot of nefarious shipping. The buildings are tall in town and the streets are wide, which make for a pleasant town. The number of alleys is quite astounding, and most of them are twisting, narrow, dark, and often deadly.

Local Lore: Skeevaal is located very close to what the locals call "Giant Island," which is a large island covered with dense jungles. The reason for its moniker is that there is some sort of a gargantuan ape that lives on the island. While many credible witnesses exist, no one has ever gotten a very good look at the giant ape. All that they have seen is its head as it looks out from the jungle towards the city. Numerous groups of adventurers have crossed over to the island, but those that have returned report no sign of any giant apes. They do report of tribes of headhunting savages that aren't exactly all that friendly. Some locals say that the fact that some powerful groups have failed to return is proof that the ape does exist.

Pirates are a bit of nuisance in this area, but for the most part they are not a major threat to the town. Every few years, though, a large number of pirates form up into a wolf-pack and descend on Skeevaal with a vengeance. Skeevaal always manages to defend itself, but sometimes the price is quite high with several sections of the town falling to the raiders before they can be retaken. It has been nearly seven years since the last wolf-pack raid and the town is getting quite nervous about this. Subsequently, strangers, while still received with friendly smiles, are eyed suspiciously when their backs are turned. There are rumors of some mastermind behind these wolf-packs and there is an extremely large bounty for this mystical figure. The amount of the bounty is undisclosed as several con-artists have tried setting up some dupes to collect the bounty. Proof must be ironclad, but the reward is said to be worth it.


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