The Underdark Regions of Rossak

Welcome to The Underdark Regions of Rossak. Here you will find information about the lands beneath the Regions of Rossak. This section is currently under construction, both in regards to coding and in regards to actually writing up the information. My campaign is, afterall, an on-going work in progress! The Underdark Regions are at the moment divided into three different types of areas, Kingdoms, Lakes, and Sites. The below map will be an interactive map as soon as I have the time to update it. In the mean time click on the links below the map for information on specific areas. So, grab a torch, have a look around, do not talk to any stray drow that you may happen to come across, run from any aboleth you see, and come on back to see what may have been added.


  Rossak Underdark Map


-------------------- The Underdark Regions of Rossak--------------------
bullet Bloodstone Lake bullet Sfoolazool bullet The Maze Pools
bullet Delthnar Lake bullet Silver Shaft bullet The Saltlands
bullet Deep Duergan bullet The Crack bullet The Sand Realms
bullet Lake Pharneth bullet The Dread Realms bullet Warfinger Kingdom
bullet Niliwirik bullet The Goblin Realms bullet Xun'LiNeer


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Return From Whence You Came

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Now they will know why they are afraid of the dark.
Now they learn why they fear the night.

--Thulsa Doom


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