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Who Rules: King Farasel the 7th (LN, Human Male, F19) inherited the position after his great uncle, King Farasel the 6th, and his entire family were killed in a fire. The current king was the closest living relative that could be found. Unfortunately for the city, the king is far more proficient with weapons than he is with his brain.

Who Really Rules: Lady Jaclyn Coppermane (NE, Drow Female, W18), head of the Royal Council of Airspur, has lived in disguise in Airspur for most of her life. She was originally born on the surface, and when her family moved back into the underdark she quickly realized she was out of place. She then took on her current disguise and made her fortune quickly. And just as quickly she gained a lot of political power. She manipulates the council with great subtlety (and the occasional bribe or assassination) and she uses the King's weakness for women and wine to secretly rule the kingdom.

Population: 31,500 (45% human, 20% elf, 15% dwarf, 15% lizardman, 5% other).

Major Products: Art, candles, chests, clothing, glassware, trained aerial mounts, woodcarvings, and an extremely fine brandy called Griffon's Mane.

Armed Forces: 1,250 (250 light infantry, 500 engineers/artillerists, 500 aerial cavalry), plus a force of 16 spelljamming ships, though the vast majority of the population isn"t aware that they can leave the planet"s atmosphere.

Notable Mages: Mistress Adrianna (CG, Human Female, W22) spends her time creating magical flying and teleportation devices. She also is an expert on meteorology and weather control spells, though she only uses these on rare occasions.

Emallame (LN, Human Male, W18) runs a school devoted to aerial flying and combat.

Melnos Foxmane (NE, Human Male, W17) is an expert on aerial creatures, and he also does secret experiments on breeding new aerial monsters.

Notable Churches: Waukeen, Akadi, Lathander, Azuth, and Helm.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The Black Hand chapter in Airspur is run by Blackie (LE, Human Female, T21), who is a dark-skinned, ruthless thief who controls her guild with an iron grip. She is fair to those who follow her rules, but will turn on anyone in an instant if they disobey or double-cross her. Despite her ruthlessness, she is loved by nearly all of her guild members, in more ways than one.

Equipment Shops: Full

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout the city, but favor those near the "port" area, and The Pit, which is built around an inverted dome on the underside of the city.

Important Characters: Sir Michael Goldmace (LG, Human Male, F31) is the former head of the Ansar Knights, now retired. He is extremely old and spends most of his time in his wheelchair on a balcony overlooking the training compound of his fighting school. His school specializes in general training, training gladiators, and he also trains those specifically trying to become officers among the ranks of the Ansar Knights.

Hennikin (CN, Dwarf Male, F15) crafts aerial weapons and harness-ware. He is also the inventor and sole brewer of Griffon's Mane, which he treats as a hobby.

Jasmine Kithsar (LN, Human Female, B12) is a bard of unsurpassed beauty and skill. She spends most of her time sitting on the edge of the city composing music of sublime beauty. Periodically, when the mood strikes her, she literally drops off of the edge and when she lands far below she shares her music with whoever she meets. Those that hear her music seldom forget her. No one on the ground knows from where she comes and many people wander the Regions searching for her.

Important Features in Town: Airspur is a flying town. Through magic long since lost, the town was ripped out of the ground and raised into the sky. That was over 500 years ago. Since then the town has grown to completely fill up the entire surface area of the island upon which it sits, and there has been some expansion into the rock itself. This downward growth is strictly controlled, though, for fear of upsetting the magic that keeps the town flying. The town now roams around the areas of Eastern Rossak, generally quite high, and it always has cloud cover on the bottom to disguise it. Every four months, though, it returns to the area from where it used to sit, and it lowers to an altitude of about 30' for the duration of about two weeks. This is the only time that most residents and visitors can come and go freely without the need of magic or large quantities of money.

There is a large, open area on the northern edge of the floating island that is the only place where aerial mounts can land freely. There are several private landing areas and stables around the edge of the island, and landing elsewhere is strictly controlled through expensive permits. These permits are magical in nature and must me worn on the mount at all times. Certain members of the local military can detect these devices and it is through these that non-licensed mounts are detected. As for flying in general, it is not permitted anywhere over the city and those that are caught better have an incredibly good explanation.

Local Lore: Because of its roaming nature, there isn't any local lore that remains constant for any length of time. The area where the city resided before it took to the sky, though, isn't a particularly friendly area. Tribes of sauhagin and a colony of were-sharks inhabit the sea. The plains are home to thri-kreen, tribes of orc, goblins, and ogres, and a large colony of bullettes has plagued the area for years. The city of Airspur doesn"t do anything about this, except to clear and maintain a 1-mile wide perimeter around the town when it "comes home" every several months. They see the surrounding dangers as a way of keeping undesirables away from the town. During its periods of roaming the sky the town is really fairly safe, except for the occasional dragon. The city, however, is more than prepared for dealing with such attacks.

The sewers are set up to channel everything into large cisterns where the waste is stored until the city is over areas where it is safe to dump. Hidden tunnels that are inhabited by jermelaine crisscross the sewers. The city is aware of them but hasn't been able to eradicate them. They haven't tried too hard, however, because they know that the jermelaine are part of the greater balance. When they get out of hand, though, they have no problem sending out some punitive mission.


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