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Who Rules: Duke Taiard Chalke (LG, Human Male, W17) rules his fair city with wisdom and compassion. He has recently begun to cut down the tariffs on merchandise passing through town to compensate for the high prices they have to pay in Quelph. To offset this, though, he has started establishing a string of overland forts to establish a safe overland road to the Bay of Chessenta. Most of the populace is behind him in this venture as it would ultimately bring more wealth to Riverneck.

Who Really Rules: Duke Chalke rules completely, though he listens to his advisors and pays attention to the townspeople.

Population: 21,250 (85% human, 12% elf, 3% mixed other races).

Major Products: Trade, horses, harness-ware, red wine, textiles, cavalry training, wagons, Oxbow Mead, and Silvergrape Wine.

Armed Forces: 500 cavalry of mixed types, 200 infantry of mixed types, 100 archers, and 200 artillerists/engineers. The town can also raise a 750-man militia force that is the equivalent of light infantry. Riverneck also maintains of force of 5 light warships.

Notable Mages: Athen Brokenstaff (LN, Human Male, W15) specializes in protection spells and is constantly doing research into new spells.

Samelia Silverbark (NG, Elf Female, W16) is an eccentric elf who purchased six plots of land near the center of town, tore down the buildings, and transplanted a full grown, massive tree to the compound. She built a tree house in the tree and there she dwells researching nature effecting spells. A large hedge now surrounds her plot and she has also brought in fruit trees. Several treants, at her invitation, live on her property. She welcomes anyone who is friendly and respectful of her private little park. Kids especially love to try to sneak onto her property and pilfer some berries or fruit before the treants can catch them. The kids usually lose out in this endeavor and when caught they are dropped into a pond at the edge of Samelia's property. Samelia doesn't mind the fruit being taken by the kids, the treants are always gentle, and the kids seem to enjoy the challenge and don't mind the dunking that they receive when they are caught. The treants also seem to enjoy this game and will sometimes intentionally let a favored child escape their leafy grasp.

Norikko Shiroi (CG, Human Female, W12) came here from the far east. Her unique spells are always a source of wonder and mages far and wide come to see her, hoping to learn a new spell. She is also extremely beautiful and many of the mages that come to visit her stay awhile and try to win her over. She has yet to show any interest in anyone

Notable Churches: Waukeen, Selune, Tymora, Tyr, and Gond.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The Griffon's Talon is a small guild for a town of this size, but they more than make up for small numbers by being very successful at what they do. Blake Darakfish (LE, ½-orc male, T18) deliberately keeps his guild small to increase profits, and to ensure that weak members are weeded out quickly. There is actually a waiting list to join the guild, along with a 3-year probationary period with strict guidelines. Unwelcome thieves are dealt with harshly.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome at all establishments in town, except The Royal Regent, whose owner doesn't let adventurers or anyone with weapons in his establishment. Rangers and druids are very fond of seeking out Samelia and are often allowed to camp out on her property.

Important Characters: Nyreh Ellman (LG, Human Female, W3) lives in a house that is full of books. She is the self-appointed town historian and spends all her time chronicling what's going on, what went on, and correcting any mistakes that may have been written down. She is also highly knowledgeable in heraldry of Easter Rossak.

Galerd Jakko (N, Human Male, W11) designs castles and his services are sought by people far and wide. He uses teleportation spells so that he may spend his days wherever his business demands and his nights at home. He also sells magical defensive items for castles.

Mugeri (LG, Human Male, 0-level sage) specializes in topography and his maps are considered to be very good and very accurate.

Dicam Stillye (CN, Human Male, T1) is a sage whose field of expertise is in making wine. He is often brought in as a consultant to help in the planting and fermentation phases of the process. He makes Silverbark wine from silver grapes.

Important Features in Town: Riverneck is comprised of two sections, built on both sides of the river. On the southern side is the old walled section, and the northern side is an unwalled area that has started to grow since the old section has become crowded. Over time the walled section came to be owned by the wealthier residents, and the poorer ones started setting up across the river. Now property values in the old section have started to drop as it has become very popular for the rich to build walled estates outside of the city. This has finally resulted in a fairly even wealth distribution. For the most part, though, people looking for better quality and service stick to the old section of town.

Over the past five years nearly all of the wealthiest merchants have moved most of their operations to private, walled estates outside of town to allow for more streamlined operations. This has allowed the town to reclaim the harbor, wall in the entire town, and create more land. The town harbor is small, heavily fortified, and can hold 7 ships with dry-dock capacity for 2 ships.

Local Lore: Warm, thermal currents have made this area of the Inner Sea very good for fishing. Large tracks of coral reefs make fishing and basic travelling dangerous in some areas. One of the ships that sank was that of Duke Zodim Musheer who was moving his entire estate from Madiselle to Rock Point. The Duke died in the shipwreck, and not a single item of any real wealth was found among the other 6 ships. Rumors have abounded for the past 8 years of the massive wealth of the Duke lying somewhere off shore.

The recent start on construction of a secure over-land road that by-passes Quelph has strained relations with that city. Representatives from Quelph are constantly bringing lists of demands from King Tasden. These are always listened to with patience and then promptly ignored. Two recent assassination attempts on Duke Chalke cannot be attributed to King Tasden, but most people assume that he was behind them. The Duke's security has increased since then.


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