Rock Point
The North Shore League


Who Rules: King Jerard Lyreheart (NG, Human Male, B23) is a true warrior minstrel, equally adept with his lyre as he is with his sword. He is also an able statesman. He is very fond of entertaining his court with songs and poetry, and because of his talent the court truly looks forward to this.

Who Really Rules: Over the years the King of Rock Point has become a figurehead. The city is ruled by the High Council, which is made up of 11 members chosen by the nobility and wealthy merchants of the city. King Lyreheart, though, has started a slow, long-term campaign to take back control and sooner or later the two forces will clash.

Population: 97,000 (65% human, 15% dwarf, 8% elf, 7% halfling, 3% sea-elf, 2% other races.

Major Products: Trade, ship repairs, brandy, kegs, sails, coral, pottery, parchment, mercenaries, soap, Rock Point Ale, Fallen Bay beer, North Shore brandy, and Blue Moon, a mead made from Blue Coronet flowers that has a slight blueberry flavor to it.

Armed Forces: 10,500 (6,000 infantry of varying types, 2,000 archer/scouts, 1,000 artillerists, and 1,500 marines with assault boats). Rock Point also has a fleet of 8 light scout ships.

Notable Mages: Nyles Reif (CG, Human Male, W23) lives in an underwater tower just outside of town. His tower has a magical force field that keeps out water and he is fond of sticking a hand full of bread out the window to feed fish. He crafts water breathing potions, rings, and other underwater magical items.

Jaymin of Tana (LN, Elf Female, W19) is an expert in astronomy and navigation. His navigational charts of the Bay of Chessenta and this area of the Sea of Fallen Stars are highly sought after by anyone who travels these waters regularly. If he hears any reports of discretion with one of his charts he will instantly hire out a ship and travel to the area to check it out.

Notable Churches: Waukeen, Selune, Helm, Gond, Oghma, Torm, Umberlee, and Lliira.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Three separate guilds currently operate within the walls of Rock Point. For the most part they each have their own territories and normally there isn't much aggression between the three. Of late things have gotten very tense between all the guilds, and there has been a marked increase in bloodshed between them. This is all the result of Barrin Nigthwing (CE, Human Male, T26), who is secretly setting them all at odds as part of a long-term plan to take over all three.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout Rock Point, but most only stay in the outer three rings of the city. The inner rings, though, have some of the finest, and most expensive, inns in the city and the more well off stay there

Important Characters: Kit Krinsky (LN, Halfling Female, T4) wanders the streets, pushing her little cart, selling some of the best bread in the city. No one knows where her bakery is, and many have tried to find it, but she just seems to vanish into thin air, and no one knows where she will make her first appearance the following morning. Betting on where she will appear the following day is a very popular pastime with many of the locals.

"Babbling Belvor" (CN, Human Male, 0-level) is an extremely dirty, smelly, homeless vagrant. When he walks the streets there is usually 4 feet of open space around him because of how bad he smells. Belvor, though, is a raving lunatic. He rambles on and on non-stop all day long. Most of the time he is incoherent but when he isn't people take notice and listen carefully to what he has to say. The reason for this is that he is a clairvoyant and this power only manifests itself when he is coherent.

Important Features in Town: Rock Point is built upon a stone crag and is comprised of six concentric rings, each one built higher up than the next. The walls of each section are 50' tall and city law decrees that no structure can be more than 30' tall. For that reason a lot of buildings have multiple cellar levels. The top level is comprised of Castle Krag where the king lives. The next level down is reserved for government buildings and the homes of top-raking officials. Each subsequent level decreases in social standing and economic level. The bottom-most level is the poorest. The gates in each wall are on alternating sides, and the roads leading to the gates are always kept clean. Tunneling is common in each section, but it is strictly forbidden that one level can be connected to another. Rumors of tunnels connecting different levels persist, and every once in a while one is found.

A narrow, ½-mile wide strip of land juts out into the sea and connects the city to the mainland. This strip stretches out for a mile before it opens up into hilly terrain that is dotted with farms. The natural causeway is kept clear of all building and is used exclusively for farming. The city also has no natural harbor. The waters around the city are full of dangerous reefs with no natural channels to allow large ships to pass through. To get around this the city built two massive towers about 2 miles out in the sea, at the edge of the reef. Each tower is 100' in diameter and rise 75' out of the water. Their foundations go down to a depth of 180'. The two towers are built 500 yard apart and are connected by a large wooden causeway that is as wide as the towers. Single story storage sheds dot the landward side of the pier, and ships berth on the seaward side. Shallow barges run cargo from the pier to the city. All buildings on the pier are pyramidal in shape so as to make weathering a storm easy. About once a decade, though, the pier gets destroyed in a storm. A mile down the coast, where the foothills start, there is a natural harbor where ships can put in for repairs or to weather out storms. A massive castle known as The Coral Castle protects this harbor.

Local Lore: Rock Point is an extremely busy port because of its position on the coast of both the Bay of Chessenta and the Sea of Fallen Stars. It is a common hiring ground for mercenaries, though more often than not mercenaries are camped out miles out in the hills, with representatives working out of inns and taverns. Rock Point is also a common meeting place for those needing adventurers and those who are looking for an adventure.

Pirates are a common problem for ships travelling to and from Rock Point, and twice in the past 100 years massive pirate fleets have shown up and attempted to completely take over the city. However, they found it wasn't so easy to take. Spies are also common throughout Rock Point, and they usually have free run. If it is found they are working for pirates, though, they are strung up from the Twin Tower Pier as a warning.


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