Port Reach
Independent City


Who Rules: Lord Mikhael Tsorissa (CN, Lizardman Male, P16) is a heavily scarred, slightly crippled priest of Tempus. When the former Lord passed away the ensuing power struggle was quite huge and Lord Tsorissa managed to maneuver around or eliminate the competition. His five-year reign has been a good one but he created a lot of enemies when he came to power, and old grudges have died hard, especially among the 21 former lords and ladies of the now disbanded city council.

Who Really Rules: Lord Mikhael rules completely and totally.

Population: 58,000 (72% human, 18% gnome, 5% lizardman, 3% yuan-ti, and 2% mixed other races).

Major Products: Perfume, bone carvings, candles, fish, nets, sails, lamp oil, paper, mother of pearl, mutton, a sweet and tangy white ale known as Bota Beer, a very expensive white wine made from frozen grapes called Wall of Ice, and Salty Nymph ale.

Armed Forces: 3,500 (200 light cavalry, 1,300 heavy infantry, 1,250 archers, 250 artillerists, 500 marines) ground troops and a mixed fleet of 10 ships of varying types, all with a complement of marines.

Notable Mages: Mullew Einess (LN, Human Female, W28) is head of the local mages guild, and she unfortunately spends way to much time with the day-to-day running of the guild. She is an expert in divination spells and she really enjoys dealing with people. If anyone manages to get in to see her she'll spend hours talking his or her ears off.

Kallalindra Oakleaf (CG, Elf Female, W17) wanders around the city or the surrounding lands lending aid wherever it is needed, all for free. She is an expert in spells dealing with nature, and she is highly knowledgeable in geography.

Rayessiss of the Gray Place (NE, Lizardman Male, W15) is a member of the local constabulary who operates as an independent officer. He uses his rank as a means to quietly eliminate and loot certain select thieves and individuals.

Notable Churches: Chauntea, Eldath, Lathander, Leira, Torm, Tymora, Umberlee, Waukeen, Istisha, and lizardfolk deities.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The Dragon's Tail is run by Regina Alvoong (CN, Gnome Female, T21), who is fond of putting her head together with other gnomes in the guild and designing elaborate, grand schemes using machines to pull off daring, bold robberies. Most of the schemes, and a good number of the machines, blow up, but the ensuing chaos is usually exploited to good advantage. All the members of the guild try to make sure that they travel in small groups for safety and use numerous backups when on assignments, the reason, of course, being Rayessiss.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are required to stay in government run hostels that are built along the outer walls of the city, next to military barracks. When they venture into town they are required to wear bright pink, cone shaped hats, and they are only allowed to carry small weapons (i.e. knives, daggers, hand axes, short swords, etc.) which have to have pink ribbons tied to them and they must be openly displayed. Only residents are allowed to go around armed, and if a resident becomes an adventurer, he loses residency rights and must be "pleated pink."

Important Characters: Bavs Lismanis (LG, Human Female, B14) is a Regions-famous poet and calligrapher. She runs a printing shop that does a lot of business and turns out quality work at a fair price. Her shop also manufactures paper and vellum and she prints a biweekly, one-page newspaper that is quite popular among the common people.

Phlox the Fox (NE, Halfling Male, F10) manufactures poison potions for any who will pay his prices. Since poison is outlawed in Port Reach, and he has a death sentence on his head, his prices are quite high (treat as 5x at the least), but the quality of his product is quite extraordinary (at least -2 to all saves). However, he is hard to find and mentioning his name in the wrong place can get you brought in for questioning.

Makiko Sumoto (CN, Human Male, F9) came here from the Far East, and after she learned the language, she found a job as the Dock Master of Port Reach. She oversees her force of assistants from her office at the end of Dock 15, which is in the center of the harbor. She keeps meticulous records of dock activities, and she is quite loyal to the city. However, for the right price and certain items from home (sake and fine katanas) she will sell information.

Important Features in Town: Port Reach is built in three levels along a stepped cliff at the edge of a narrow, rocky peninsula. The lower lever is where the port facilities are located, along with the merchant warehouses, and lower income residences. The next level, which is 50' higher, is decidedly middle class. The uppermost level, 35' feet further up, is where the main gate is located and is the normal ground level for most of the peninsula. It is here that the main government buildings are located, along with the wealthier residents. The wall around the town is truly impressive, not only for its height but also for the engineering feat of building it down at an angle to all the levels. Passage to each level is by a single stone ramp, each of which is located at the opposite end of the adjacent level. There are also numerous wooden stairways leading between the levels, but these are guarded and closed at night. However, secret passages abound and if you know the right password and have the money you can avoid using the ramps.

The harbor is a busy place as Port Reach is the first major port up the coast from Hlondeth. Because of this a lot of Yuan-Ti can be found here. They are closely watched, as are the pirates who come here under white truce flags to get rid of merchandise. Port Reach's policy is to accept any and all merchandise, so long as those selling it are peaceful when in port. However, if proof of ownership can be proved the port authorities are quick to act and arrest the culprits and impound their ships. Port Reach is a common place for pirates to bring merchandise from other cities. It is also a common place for bounty hunters to come when trying to find certain pirates.

Local Lore: The waters around Port Reach are always full of fighting, sinking, and sunken ships, due for the most part because of ships who come to extract revenge on pirates, and because once outside of Port Reach's waters, the pirates drop the truce flag and go to work. There is always work to be found aboard ships as marines. The peninsula road leads through giant territory, so work and adventure can always be found in that direction. There is never a shortage of excitement and intrigue within the walls of Port Reach. It is a lively, fun city and a popular place for tourists.


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