The Vilhon League


Who Rules: First Lord Clerton Leal (CN, ï-Orc Male, F14) is a reformed pirate who gave up being his own boss because he felt time and the authorities would catch up with him. So, he joined the navy and quickly rose up through the ranks. He only reluctantly gave up the life of a sailor for politics. He navigates the reefs of the political seas of the Regions like a fish. That is why he took over the role of First Lord, and because the town elders begged him to. On occasion, though, he'll hop on an outgoing ship for an "official inspection," hoping to run into some pirates or other such dangers.

Who Really Rules: Clerton Leal can handle any ambassador or other ruler better than anyone else. That was why he was asked to take the role of First Lord. When it comes to the actual running of the city, though, the town elders and the Royal Council of Seven actually make sure that everything that needs to get done gets done. Everyone is aware of this relationship, and everyone is happy with it because the results are quite good.

Population: 26,900 (50% human, 20% dwarf, 13% elf, 10% sea elf, 6% halfling, 1% other races).

Major Products: Marble, alabaster, pearls, Green Pearl (a dark green, fishy flavored, potent, and delicious liquor made from seaweed), Ballista Breath beer, candies, crates, fish, and Morning Star Brandy.

Armed Forces: 1,100 (200 light cavalry, 150 heavy infantry, 150 light infantry, 200 archers, 200 artillerists/engineers, and 200 marines who use assault boats to defend the harbor. There is also a fleet of 8 scout warships, each with a complement of aquatic elf commandos on board.

Notable Mages: Hansom Harold (CN, Human Male, W21) was experimenting with some age reducing spells when he had an "accident." He now inhabits the body he had when he was 9 years old. He uses a change self spell to maintain his 54 year old persona, but he is quite happy having the chance at a second childhood. Very few people are aware of his "accident."

Arthur de Kalsin (LG, Half-elf Male, W15) is chief of security at a prominent jeweler's shop where he is also an apprentice jeweler. He hires out casting security spells for locals.

Dellus Harrimin (NG, Human Male, W17) is a dreamer. He comes up with wild schemes that should fail, yet he manages to make people believe they can succeed, and they usually do. Some people will latch on to any scheme of his knowing that there is a very good chance that they'll see a profit in it.

Notable Churches: Gond, Tempus, Bhaal, Silvanus, Shar, Selune, and Umberlee.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The Hall of Pain, led by Charl Chuddrick (LE, ï-orc Male, T15), is on the decline at the moment. Charl is a devout follower of Bhaal and has been quite prolific in introducing people personally to his deity. Because of this the city has started seriously cracking down on the guild. A lot of members have fled or been captured, and quite a few have gone on to meet Bhaal. Charl, though, seems to always been one step ahead of rivals and the law. Some streets are completely deserted when the sun sets.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: The Broken Moon and The Long Dock are both very popular with adventurers, though they are welcome everywhere throughout town. The Broken Moon is in the heart of Persh, while The Long Dock is at the end of the northern-most pier. Both are good quality and have fair rates, but The Long Dock is a bit more rowdy.

Important Characters: Mari Teittinen (LN, Human Female, F6), a retired chef, is a renowned glass blower whose works command large sums of money and are a status symbol amongst the nobles who always want one better than their peers.

Dorwl (LE, Dwarf Male, F9/,P8) is an expert in the fields of chemistry and physics, and he uses his knowledge to great effect in his primary job as an assassin. He is highly successful and there is usually a 50% chance that he is out of town on a contract. He once tracked some one all the way to Raven's Bluff just to eliminate a possible witness to a hit.

Important Features in Town: Persh is built atop a huge hill that rises out of the sea. This island is actually only an island during high tide, at which time the shore is 2 miles away. At this time the water depth is only about 8 feet deep. During low tide the only area not dry is on the eastern side of city, where the water comes right up to the docks. The whole area is a large granite shelf (with veins of marble running through it), with the city being built at the edge of the shelf so that the docks can always handle ships. A long wooded causeway extends from shore out to the western part of town, and then winds around the city to a gate along the southern side.

The town is walled all the way around except along the eastern harbor section, which is protected by a series of large fireproof floating wooden barges strung in a semi-circular around the harbor. The city itself is divided into an outer ring, which includes the harbor. The inner section has one entrance, on the northern side of the inner wall, and a single road spirals inward to the center of the city all the way up to the top of the hill where sits Persh Castle, the traditional seat of power. Numerous stairways cut directly through the inner section up to the top, but these are steep and narrow.

All of the cavlary and a good portion of the infantry are stationed outside of the city, at the foot of the mountains, where they can protect the mining interests in the mountains. There are also a few entrances within the city that lead to mines dug into the shelf. These mines are quite dangerous as they are prone to flooding and must be constantly pumped out

Local Lore: Weresharks are quite common in the surrounding areas, as well as the more normal species of sharks. These are the unofficial protectors of Old Persh, which one stood about a mile further out from where the current city of Persh sits. A massive earthquake caused the shelf upon which the city sat to split and the city sank beneath the sea. Over 65% of the population drowned and Old Persh is now about 2,000 feet beneath the surface and haunted by the ghosts of some of those who used to live there. Persh Castle, though, was recovered at great expense, and with a lot of magic, and was placed upon the large hill where it currently sits. The new version of Persh doesn't look like its old namesake, but it is much larger, and far more prosperous.


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