The Vilhon League


Who Rules: Admiral Lilye Greensail (LE, Human Male, F15) has the dual job of commanding the local fleet and being the ruler of the city. He cares about the welfare of Jel-a-na'ir, which is more of a fort than a city, but his real concern is that his profits are tied in with those of the town itself.

Who Really Rules: Sir Tur'mor (CN, Minotaur, F12) saved Lilye's life on several occasions. He is the Admiral's friend and advisor, but he secretly works directly for the Grand Admiral of Kervinno, who is the unofficial head of state of the The Vilhon League. Tur'mor lets Admiral Greensail rule because he is highly efficient and because he does not steal too much from the city coffers. Tur'mor makes sure Greensail doesn't take too much and doesn't make too many big mistakes.

Population: 8,000 (90% human, 5% elf, 4% elf, 1% mixed races).

Major Products: Ships, sails, chains, rope, masonry work, bricks, and a red ale known as Crimson Cliff.

Armed Forces: 700 light infantry, 350 artillerists, 350 heavy infantry, and a fleet of 32 warships of various sizes, along with 1,000 marines, 250 of which are aquatic elves.

Notable Mages: Captain Cer'ess (NG, Elf Female, W20) is the ranking fleet mage and actually commands a ship within the fleet. She specializes in aquatic spells.

Theric Blueskin (LN, Human Male, W18) also serves in the fleet, and is cobalt blue, the result of some curse that he has been unable to have lifted. He specializes in fire spells, but also spends a great deal of time doing research on Shaugin, of which he is an expert.

Gozolivesu Nosmpis (CG, Gnome Male, I17) spends his time teaching for free new spells to those who are interested. He also creates illusion magic items for adventurers and others.

Notable Churches: Silvanus, Istisha the Water Elemental Lord, Tempus.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Radaxy Fishhead (LE, Human Male, T10) is the head of the Fisherfiends, a guild comprised of 15 thieves. There is very little profit to be made from thieving in Jel-a-na'ir, so the guild makes most of its fortune selling information and occasionally organizing a mutiny and then selling the ship for a profit elsewhere.

Equipment Shops: Full for nautical items, half for others.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome anywhere in town, though most stay at the Broken Mast Inn because of its proximity to the docks outside of the cliff levels.

Important Characters: Warit the Fish (LG, Human Male, 0-level human) is the deaf owner of Warit's Shipyard, the largest shipyard in Jel-a-na'ir. His ships are highly sought after as far away as Waterdeep and there is currently a two-year waiting list for one of his ships, which cost 25% more than normal. His repair yard is always busy, and the wait is usually only a couple of days.

Vesacha Flamehair (CE, Human Female, P9, priestess of Bane) sells fish from her stall down on the docks. She is an expert on local fish breeds. Her primary business is as an independent spy, gathering and selling information to further discord in the Realms. She is directly responsible for enflaming the current war with Turmish.

Ralig the Snail (NG, Gnome Male, P3) raises the fattest, juiciest snails in the entire Vilhon Reach and Regions of Rossak. His butter and garlic snails are highly sought after. He will not export the dish or recipe and as such it is a highly sought after secret. Several thieves have died trying to obtain it.

Kordan of the Shining Plain (CN, Human Male, F7) is a barbarian of the Glowing Talon tribe, of which he is the only surviving member. He won't reveal what happened to his tribe, and since he is now 90 years old and has been living in town for over 50 years, no one even asks him anymore. Despite his advanced age, he is in excellent shape and has never backed down from a fight. He is an expert on Wemics, and on mounted combat.

Important Features in Town: Jel-a-na'ir is built into the side of 350' tall cliff, made up of 6 levels, each of which is built into the cliff. Each succeeding level extends out 30' beyond the level beneath if, and the space between levels is about 30'. There is an unofficial 7th level, which is atop the cliff, but it is very narrow (100' wide), and is heavily fortified. Most of the businesses "up above" deal with weapons, or are secondary stores for merchants from "within the levels." The harbor of the city is vast, capable of holding nearly 70 ships and building/repairing facilities to hold an additional 30 vessels. The harbor itself (and its unnumbered level) is just as heavily fortified, with ten fortresses forming a ring around the harbor, with heavy chains and floating boons used to close off at least half of the nine passages between the forts at any given time. These forts, as well as the harbor and "up above" walls are formidable.

Jel-a-na'ir is more of a fortress than a city, with most of the businesses geared toward supplying the town or ships from The Vilhon League and its allies. The cliff dwellings are very well lit, using numerous small tunnels and mirrors to provide natural sunlight within the cliff. There is also an elite force of 50 dwarven sewer patrollers who keep the dwarven designed and built sewers and light tunnels clean and free of vermin.

Local Lore: The former Turmish city of Asple is located about 10 miles down the coast, but since its secession from Turmish it has fallen to a sect of Dragon Cult, who is now eyeing Jel-a-na'ir and its cliffs. There have been several skirmishes and a couple outright battles. The cult's lich has yet to make an appearance but its existence is not in doubt. In the past year since Asple fell Jel-a-na'ir has been a staging area for large numbers of adventurers who are braving the deserted streets of Asple in search of quick riches.

The 15 mile long stretch of cliffs which Jel-a-na'ir is in the middle of are riddled with caves, which are occupied with creatures ranging from kobolds up to dragons. There is plenty of opportunity to make money in the area, or to make it to the afterlife.


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