The Vilhon League


Who Rules: Grand Admiral Ar'tia Lithelimb (NG, Human Female, W16) rules Kervinno and is also the head of the Fleet Council of the Vilhon League, where she has great influence and respect. She is 40-years old and a veteran of the seas, where she earned the rank of admiral. Her remarkable wisdom and intelligence got her elected to the head of the council. She has ruled strongly, wisely, and when need be, ruthlessly.

Who Really Rules: Grand Admiral Ar'tia rules solely by herself, but she will ask anyone for advice and will listen to all ideas with equal patience and with an open mind. However, her lover Lady Ushya (CN, Human Female, F8) is a merchant of some power who occasionally gets personal agendas pushed through the council of Kervinno or the Fleet Council.

Population: 22,000 (60% human, 15% elf, 15% dwarf, 10% mixed

Major Products: Furniture, masonry work, red wine (especially Grand Fleet), iron rations, marines (from their training facilities), posts, railings, and a rot gut ale known as Keelhaul.

Armed Forces: 3,500 (1,000 heavy infantry, 1,000 light infantry/archers, 500 artillerists, 500 mixed cavalry, 500 marines, 200 of which are aquatic elves. There is also a vast fleet of heavily armed large assault boats with a very limited range. There is no navy to protect the city. This was a conscious choice by all cities of the Vilhon League, to make sure that the seat of power doesn't put its own need above that of the other cities. The rest of the cities supply the necessary ships to protect Kervinno. The marines, though, are elite troops, who are skilled in the use of their assault craft. 500 retired marines and soldiers can be called up as a militia (treat them as experts).

Notable Mages: Etora of Reth (CN, Human Female, F6/W18) started out as a gladiator, but the loss of her left arm by a cursed sword (which prevents it potential regeneration) ended that career. Despite the difficulty involved, she studied magic, and modified all her somantic spells so that she could only use one hand, which did quicken some of her spells. She still loves a good fight, and is an all around expert in combat spell casting.

Thrashum the Snake (CE, Drow Male, W14) is a wanted man within Kervinno with a 10,000 gp bounty on his head. He sells magic items and information to anyone who can pay, and he is easy to find, though he has an incredibly uncanny ability to sense a trap or false façade, and while you may find him, that doesn't mean you're guaranteed to see him.

Engar of Xorhun (LN, Human Male, W12) is an expert on mercantile and maritime law. He is also a sage who specializes in politics, ethics, and law.

Notable Churches: Tyr, Selune, Torm.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Hand of Mask (NE, Human? Male?, T15) heads the Patrons of Mask guild, which is small, numbering only about 32 thieves, but they are all experienced thieves. Novices are not welcome in town, and this is made quite clear, politely at first, and with violence if necessary (and if the thief is dense enough to force the issue). Patrons specialize across the entire spectrum of talents, with most having some experience in espionage, extortion, kidnapping, and blackmail.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are forbidden to enter the Government Quarter, unless they are summoned specifically, and then only if the guards who summoned them are with them. Other than that, they can freely travel throughout the city.

Important Characters: Marux Sneed (LN, Dwarf Male, P6) is a prominent member of the community, and the maker of Marux Meals, some of the best iron rations around. Reportedly they actually have some taste to the!

Mahlalla Goldenrod (NG, Halfling Female, T10) is a retired thief who now runs a tavern, where everyone affectionately refers to her as "Ma." She is portly, even for a halfling, and is very wise. Her advice is highly valued by commoner and nobleman alike, even the Grand Admiral herself.

Skelic Xedulo (CN, Human Male, F9) is a sage and sailor who specializes in oceanography and thermal geography. He single-handedly dug a ¼-mile shaft beneath his mansion outside of town and connected it to a thermal vent, which he uses for cooking and heating.

Important Features in Town: Kervinno is built on an island that is in reality a peninsula that is cut off from the mainland by a small channel. The island is nearly six miles long and very rocky. The city itself is located at the very end of the island, at the head of a small inlet, with most of the rest of the island being taken up by vineyards. A large, private castle sits atop a tall crag at the center of the island. The owner's identity is a mystery, but his private troops have always helped to defend the city and the island against any threat. The town is very beautiful, but quite dreary at times due to foul weather and heavy fog in the early morning. However, during the summer, in the afternoon, the city and island are breathless to behold.

Local Lore: Because of its location at the head of the Vilhon Reach, this city sees all sorts of visitors, and at any given time the population is 2,000 - 5,000 higher due to visitors. It is also a hot spot for Emerald Enclave members who are constantly pressing the government to enforce stricter environmental laws. The city is also under a constant threat from giants who live in the foothills and mountains along the Turmish boarder.

There are currently rumors of some outside force trying to coerce the giants to unite as a major power in the local area. Several expeditions have been mounted to get to the bottom of this, but none have been successful. Recent giant attacks have been on the rise. All attacks have been beaten back but the cost has sometimes been quite high. The recent appearance of large ships manned by giants has caused quite a stir. It is hoped that the giants can be stopped for good, especially their ships, which have been a serious threat and have actually won a few battles. The ships have proven almost completely invulnerable to conventional weapons and those sunk have only been sunk with the aid of powerful magic.


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