Dorgan Bridge
The Free Cities of Dorgan


Who Rules: Lady Yasha Whitehammer (NG, Dwarf Female, P2), daughter and only child of the former ruler, Lord Eirik Whitehammer, who was slain while leading an attack against a drow raiding party that had infiltrated the city.

Who Really Rules: Sir Rurik Hammerhands (LE, Dwarf Male, F12), Uncle of Lady Yasha. Sir Rurik was Lord Eirik's younger brother, a position he resented and despised his parents for. Unknown to anyone else, he murdered his brother during the raid in the hopes that he would take over, unaware that his brother had received permission from the Dorgan Council to pass leadership over to his daughter. Lady Yasha, though, is more naïve and inexperienced than she appeared, and she turned to her Uncle. Sir Rurik accepted his role as advisor only because he would never stoop so low as to murder his own niece, and he still basically runs the city. However, Lady Yasha is coming "into her own" and slowly distancing herself from her Uncle. He hasn't noticed it yet, but he soon will.

Population: 36,000 (98% dwarven, 2% other)

Major Products: Iron, lead, glass, steel, weapons, mercenaries, and Whitehammer Mead.

Armed Forces: 12,000, mostly heavy infantry, including a force of 200 aerial cavalry who ride griffons and are led by a force of 25 elite riders (F10+) who ride a race of magical metallic griffons.

Notable Mages: The Ring of Fire, a group of 12 mages (6 human, 3 elves, 1 ½-elf, 1 lizard man, and 1 gnome, all CN or CG, and all W10-W16), who were hired several years ago and are in the middle of a 10-year contract to help provide protection.

Notable Churches: Dwarven churches, and shrine to Akadi, Queen of the Air elementals.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Dorgan Bridge contains a thieves' guild, but it is a small one and it's leader is Lydia Steeleye (NE, Dwarf Female, T9), so named because she lost her eye and had the socket plugged with a steel ball.

Equipment Shops: Full for dwarven and general equipment, half for human sized items.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout the city.

Important Characters: Hadrian Yellowthorn (CG, lizardman male, 0-level) was a childhood friend of Lord Eirik, and is kind of a town historian. He can answer almost any question on the history of Dorgan Bridge, but if he thinks someone is trying to learn something for ill use, he won't say anything. On a different side, Hadrian has a lot of Underdark contacts that provide him with information of what is going on in the surrounding areas. Because of this he is sought out quite frequently by individuals about to head off into the Underdark.

Selwyn the Cook (LG, Dwarf Female, F6) is, not surprisingly, a cook. She started out as an adventurer, and while passing through this area she was cursed by a fellow adventurer upon whom she had played a joke on. The curse was that she would love cooking more than anything else. To that end, she walked into a bar, The Golden Skillet, and asked for a job. Surprisingly, she was a natural chef, and even after the curse wore off, she continued to cook. The Golden Skillet is now the most popular tavern in all of Dorgan Bridge, and since Selwyn started working there, it has tripled in size. If someone is looking for an important person, all they need do is visit the skillet, and if they are not there, someone there will know how to find them. If someone brings Selwyn some new, exotic, and or unique food item or recipe, she will gladly open up to them and tell them a lot of the political and not-so-political intrigues going on.

T'Cerid Hempwise (CN, Dwarf Male, 0-level) makes rope, and only rope, in his specialty shop that can make strands up to 500' in length. He makes rope out of hemp, silk, or a special weave with thin strands of steel in it.

Important Features in Town: Dorgan Bridge is situated about 15 miles in from the fringe of the mountain range, and is built entirely on and in a natural stone arch that spans a 1 mile deep, 2 mile wide chasm, which runs about 8 miles north-south, with Dorgan Bridge in the middle. The stone span is about ½ of a mile wide, and at its narrowest, about ¼ mile thick. The city sits right in the middle, and is surmounted by a 50' tall, 50' thick wall. No building is more than 3 stories tall, and with the natural upward curve of the arch, the rooftop of every building offers a great view of half of the city. The lower levels of the city go down about 4 levels, with the outermost dwellings having windows looking out of the sides of the arch.

Local Lore: Dorgan Bridge is a young city, being only about 150 years old, and was modeled after the fabled lost dwarven city, Kraxxen Bridge. Some people believe that Dorgan Bridge will be the next Kraxxen Bridge, but more than enough dwarves are superstitious, and though they may love visiting the city, they won't live there.

Dorgan Bridge is a strategically placed city in that it is a major intersection of the Dorgan Highway and also a junction of several overland trade routes. The roads to Mount Dorgan and Dorgan Gap are on the east side of the city, and anyone wanting to continue on to Fort Dorgan, Dorgan Wood, and or Dorgan, must cross through to Dorgan Bridge. In fact, this is the only place where the Dorgan Highway comes above ground, with entrance forts located on either side of the chasm. There are also smaller roads on either side of the chasm. One leads on down to The Krag and Dregfeld, and the other heads down to Ormvald, Larmer, and Sherrco.

Because of its strategic location and the numerous mines in the surrounding mountains, various denizens are constantly attacking Dorgan Bridge, be it orcs, ogres, trolls, kobolds, or whatever. It is for this reason that Dorgan Bridge supports such a large military force. At lot of the soldiers, though, also work in other occupations, usually the mines.

Dorgan Bridge, because of the numerous forges, is sometimes referred to as Forged Bridge. In winter, some areas are so warm due to numerous forges and blacksmith shops that people will take off their coats while walking down the street, even in freezing weather.


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