Dorgan Gap
The Free Cities of Dorgan


Who Rules: Lord Exader Mithrilbraid (LN, Dwarf Male, P18), distant cousin of Sir Kiril the Rock.

Who Really Rules: Lord Exader Mithrilbraid rules Dorgan Gap with one hand firmly holding the reins of power, the other generously helping his fellow dwarves.

Population: 43,500 (79% dwarf, 11% gnome, 6% human, 3% good drow, 1% other)

Major Products: Gems, silver, copper, jewelry, engineers, rat patrollers, siege weapons, locks, and Rat Breath Beer.

Armed Forces: 6,000, mostly heavy infantry and artillerists, and a cavalry force of 300 chariots, each with a drive and two archers.

Notable Mages: While there are numerous mages, be it human, drow, other, or gnomish illusionists, none of them are truly exceptional and worthy of note.

Notable Churches: All dwarven, Waukeen, Tyr, Tempus, and Gond

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The Pilfered Diamond, led by Allavut Daggerbreath (LE, Dwarf Male, T13), who is a thief by trade, but an assassin by profession. The Pilfered Diamond is quite small, comprised of only 20 thieves in reality, though on paper it is quite sizable, being listed as having a membership of nearly 500. However, the guild is a front for the city government, whom Allavut is a member. The guild was set up so that any thieves that come into the town and join will be allowed to operate in a limited, chaperoned capacity before they are set up by the guild to be caught. In this way, very few thieves last long in the town. The guild even goes so far as have its only mage-thief cast change self on himself and deliberately get caught so that any outside guild that are watching won't get too suspicious.

Equipment Shops: Full

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout the entire city, though they must sign a document saying that if the city is attacked while they are there that they are aware that the city has the right to "draft" them into the military if need be. While this has happened in the past, the city does not squander such conscripts, but employs to the best effect and they are quite generous with rewarding such service.

Important Characters: Rognvald Bronzeaxe (LG, Gnome Male, F8) is a private in the military. He is extremely talented and an exceptional fighter (his proficiency with the battle axe is envied by many a dwarf), but he hates the idea of leadership. Every time that he is promoted, he shrewdly calculates just what exactly he needs to do to be demoted back to private, a place he loves because of the camaraderie and because he loves getting into the thick of things during fights. On the side Rognvald manufactures battleaxes (which are all gilded in bronze) that are of truly exceptional quality. These axes are perfectly balanced (weapon speed is reduced to 4 on all of them) and can be thrown as a hand axe by anyone with a strength of 18/50 or higher. Despite his reluctance to lead Rognvald is a great tactician, and he is often sought out by anyone planning any type of a military action, and he will gladly review and refine any such plans, if he has the town.

Tekram Opalnails (LE, Dwarf Male, T9) mines and cuts gems. He is an expert in his field, though on occasion he'll substitute a fake one for one he is working on or apprising for a client.

Important Features in Town: Dorgan Gap is so named because it is situated in a very narrow gap between too high cliffs at the edge of the mountains. The gap itself is only about 500' wide, as is completely dominated by a massive fortress. This fortress, with its 40' high, 25' thick walls, and support towers on top of the cliff and along the ravine on either side, is merely the top level of the city, which is an underground city. While a lot of people are aware of the city beneath the fort, many are not and they are allowed to believe the fort is merely a dwarven outpost protecting the trade routes.

The city is quite massive, being laid out on a grid pattern, with each grid being separated from its neighbors by 100' long access ways that are heavily defended. In addition, the cities' 15 levels are separated by 100' thick areas of rock. While this can make reinforcing areas a bit risky at times, there are good access ways between all sections and in the advent that a section is captured it can be easily cut off.

Several sections of the city are inhabited by a group of drow. These drow were originally a handful of good aligned adventurers who took up residence here. Over the years other good and neutrally aligned drow have come in, making quite a community. While these disillusioned drow are violent enemies of their Underdark brethren, there is still some racism towards them from other citizens of Dorgan Gap. However, these are people who do not personally know the drow, for anyone who knows them is completely accepting of them.

Local Lore: Dorgan Gap started out as merely a fortress to guard the trade routes. Over the years, more and more raids brought about the necessity of expanding the fort and increasing the size of the garrison. Soon, the fort completely filled the gap, and the only way left to go was into the cliffs and down. In addition to being built down and outwards, there are several city sections that have built into the massive, 1000' tall cliffs. There are also numerous mines that shoot out from the outlying sections of the city, bringing a lot of wealth into the city.

Because of its massive size, and the complexity of its design and sewer and ventilation systems, Dorgan Gap's engineers are some of the finest in The Realms. Dwarves from as far away as the Moonshae Islands and the deep south travel here to attend the engineering university of Dorgan Gap. Additionally, the sewer patrollers are also some of the best in The Realms, and many novices from around The Realms travel here for training. The city itself is laid out on a massive size, with most corridors being 15' high to help in the ventilation of the lower levels.

Many an invading army has come upon the fort, thinking to quickly overthrow it. Needless to say, they are quite surprised when such a small fortress can spew forth such a massive military! In time of need, many of the population can double as a militia, effectively tripling the size of the armed forces.


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