The North Shore League


Who Rules: King Vartan the Bear (LN, Human Male, F21) is a huge, powerful (natural Strength of 19), and very handsome person, who also happens to be very intelligent. His only major fault is that he is extremely vain about his physical build and his looks. To this end he spends countless hours training and grooming. He is considered to be a very good ruler, but he does rely a lot on his advisors, especially Lady Kari.

Who Really Rules: Lady Kari (LE, Half-elf Female, Psionicist-18) uses her natural abilities to gain an edge over the other advisors of the King. Everyone is amazed at how often she comes up with an idea or plan that they themselves had been thinking of. Because of this numerous spies follow her around, making sure she isn't sneaking into areas where she shouldn't be and acquiring knowledge that she shouldn't have. This has been to no avail. While she is respected, she isn't very well trusted, and Lady Kari doesn't mind one bit. She has the King's ear, and is biding her time until she can be the ruler.


Population: 34,000 (90% human, 8% elf, 2% other).

Major Products: Art, books, paper, parchment, textiles, musical instruments, textiles, and Bard's Brew, a wine that is made from grapes that grow in isolated vineyards on the cliffs to the east and west of town.

Armed Forces: 1,000 (500 light infantry/archers, 250 mixed cavalry, 225 artillerist/engineers, 25 mages) plus a naval force of 8 light warships, each with a complement of 25-50 marines.

Notable Mages: Sir Lyle the Elder (LG, Human Male, W19) is an old mage who wiles away his time in his tower overlooking the sea writing travelling spell books that he then gives to beginning mages to help them get their careers off to a good start.

Woren Moonglow (CN, Elf Male, W16) is one of the few prominent elves in Cimbar. This is due do his vast store of knowledge from the days when Cimbar was once a mighty town. He hopes to someday see the city's old glory restored and works ceaselessly to accomplish this.

Notable Churches: Deneir, Sune, Eldath, Selune, Gond, and Waukeen

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Lorr the Lion (NE, Human Male, T22) runs The Talons through sheer terror. Those who oppose him are fed to his pet lions, and just to keep everyone on their toes, the occasional ally becomes dinner also. Lorr is crafty and has managed to avoid getting caught by the authorities, or deposed by his underlings. His guild is very profitable and is always attracting new members. Not surprisingly, the guild has a very high turnover rate.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout town. The Cup of Life is a very expensive place that is a badge of honor for those who have just made it big, and for those who are simply rich.

Important Characters: Foorm (CN, Human Male, F11) was once a gnome before he was reincarnated and he now spends his time helping out non-humans who are in trouble because they simply aren't human. He is also an expert on gnomes.

Corlatta Bladesong (LN, Human Female, F9) is a blacksmith/bowyer who specializes in doing inlays on bows and crossbows.

Edana the Bookworm (NG, Human Female, 0-level artisan) is the head of a paper making company that specializes in high quality products for use in books.

Important Features in Town: Cimbar is located on the sides and rim of a natural depression that drops down 50' to the same level of the sea. Tall, thick walls that are very formidable surmount the upper rim and the harbor rests down at the bottom of the slope. One's economic and social status can be easily determined by how far above the poorer port area one lives. The harbor was once one of the richest areas on the south shores of the Inner Sea, and ships would have to wait for several days before a berth would open up for them. Now, the outer docks are abandoned, and there is never a shortage of space for ships. Cimbar was once the most prominent city in the area and was a valuable gem in the Chessentan Empire. Rock Point has stolen the economic wealth of the city, and Rossak has taken away the intellectual glory that Cimbar once enjoyed. At least half of the city is empty, but the city makes sure the buildings are somewhat maintained and don't become dilapidated. Most of the residents still love listening to the bards sing tales of the old days and think that better days are just ahead. Despite the decline, though, the town still does a good deal of trade and the standard of living is higher than most towns of its size.

Local Lore: The area around Cimbar was once touted as being the safest area in the Realms. It was said that someone could walk for fifty miles in any direction and fear nothing except the occasional rainstorm. Now, though, orcs and goblins are a constant threat to the city, as well as bands of nomadic humans who have no respect for any authority except that of the sharpest sword and the strongest arm. Pirates are also a nuisance, but are not too bad because the natural reef around the port is vast, and those who know the channels are closely watched.

The most common job for adventurers in the area is as caravan guards, a job that pays extremely well, but is also very dangerous. The second most common activity for adventurer is fighting orcs. In ages past, hill dwarves lived in the area and built many small towns beneath the earth. The dwarves, though, eventually moved on to form the basis of the Dorgan communities that grew up to the west. Orcs and goblins quickly moved in. When Cimbar prospered, they hid in their underground dwellings and expanded them. Now, they are back upon the surface creating a nuisance of themselves. Rumors abound saying that if the orcs were removed, you could walk from Cimbar to with a few miles of Rossak and never have to see the light of day or the stars of night.


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