The Central Protectorate


Who Rules: Lord Eralg Shieldcleft (CG, Dwarf male, F16) is brave, fearless, and extremely charismatic. Unfortunately, he has very little skill when it comes to politics.

Who Really Rules: Lady Revlis Shieldcleft (CN, Dwarf female, F13). While Lord Eralg may have the actual power, Lady Revlis is more than adept at getting her every whim and desire passed by her husband.

Population: 56,000 (65% human, 35% equal mix of all types).

Major Products: Iron (the city rests upon a decent sized iron deposit), finished metal products, arms, armor, locks, bricks, and Chond Rum, a drink that despite being of poor quality is very popular with sailors because it is very potent and very cheap. Most of the revenue (75%), though, is generated from commerce coming up the Chond River.

Armed Forces: 6,000 of all types, with specialist forces of Heavy Cavalry and a mounted ballista corps which is a force of wagons with ballistae mounted in the back.

Notable Mages: Ydna Silvermane (LG, Human Female, W19) is a were-otter who spends her days researching water spells and river life forms. By night she roams the river in otter form being free of all human constraints.

Ray Kondrun (NE, Human Male, W17) is primarily a moneylender who uses his spells to keep his customers honest. He uses his intelligence to write up contracts with clauses that are designed to cheat people out of their money. These special contracts, though, are reserved for those who can afford it. He has to keep most of his business honest so no one catches on to his schemes

Dorothea Glassmane (N, Hale-elf Female, W14/T12) runs a school for apprentice wizards and makes a tidy living at this. She also turns out some very talented wizards. Her main job, though, is as an agent for Hlondeth, Chondath, and Sespech. It's a dangerous line she walks, but she truly loves it, and she's quite exceptional at what she does.

Notable Churches: Tempus, Waukeen, Gond, Dwarven Gods.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: K'Vin One-Hand (LE, ½-Orc, T18) and The Bloody Stump Guild. This guild enjoys a unique position within the city. While the city has publicly sworn to destroy the guild, it has also come to rely upon the guild for vital information from outside the city. Despite heavy losses through execution, the guild, and K'Vin, actually thrives upon being pursued within the city. Yet, K'Vin has come to realize that the freedom of the city is paramount to his own freedom. Therefore, his spies comb the border towns of Chondath and bring back any information that Lord Eralg may need. This information is passed on to Sir Ispep (LN, Human male, T12), one of Eralg's trusted advisors, who is also a member of the guild.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers and employers are required to conduct all business within sanctioned "hiring halls," with the employers being required to pay a nominal fee. This is not done to raise any revenue, but rather, is done to ensure fair and honest competition and to protect the interests of the adventurers.

Important Characters: Lord Nug Limbhacker (CN, ½-Ogre Male, F11). Nug is a semi-retired adventurer who left his companions far away somewhere between Shadowdale and Hillsfar. He currently works as a "hired battleaxe," selling his massive bulk and weapons to the highest-bidding adventuring group. He carries a door for a shield, wields a massive battleaxe (1d12/1d12), and carries 4 regular battleaxes that he uses as throwing axes. While he is immensely strong (18/00), he is equally stupid (Int. 5).

Basilius Redflower (LN, Human Male, 0-level) is a gem carver whose sapphires carved in the likeness of roses are known as far away as Waterdeep.

Xof Yllucs (LG, Human Male, F6) is a maker of canoes, both standard and long distance outrigger models, which are highly sought after by people all across the Regions of Rossak.

Tamar Aldertree (N, Dwarf Female, F3) makes travelling trunks ranging from simple containers to ones that are full of drawers and secret compartments.

Important Features in Town: This city sits astride the river junction where the River Nun meets the Ormvald Flow. The Ormvald runs right through the center of the city and into the River Nun. Where it meets the Nun there is a large island, upon which is built the massive Castle Shieldcleft, which is the seat of power for Chondrun. Except for part of the city wall, none of the city proper lies upon the southern side of the river. On the southern side of the river the walls are built right against the shore. The walls for this section are twice as tall and twice as thick as the rest, with towers spaced twice as close together here than in other parts of the city. All three of the city's river gates are extremely well fortified, and are tall enough that medium sized, masted ships can sail underneath them.

Local Lore: hondrun was once known as Silverflow, due to the amount of river business that passed within its walls, and it was part of the kingdom of Chondath. However, the King of Chondath was fond of ignoring the needs of the city while still demanding that taxes and revenues be paid. When an iron deposit was discovered beneath the city, things simply got worse, with a demand for more revenue and an increase in the taxes. So, about 60 years ago, the city of Silverflow secretly signed a treaty of mutual support with nearly half of the cities of the Regions of Rossak and plotted to break away. After several years of secret planning, Silverflow was ready, and with a massive army of nearly 60,000 troops, they quickly drove towards Hlath, the capitol of Chondath, and in a matter of days had besieged the city. The king was quick to sue for peace and gladly let Silverflow break away from the kingdom. In exchange for being allowed to be an independent city, Silverflow, now renamed Chondrun, agreed not to shut off trade to the cities further up river. Eager for independence, Chondrun eagerly accepted, and since then Chondath has been very friendly with the Regions of Rossak, for the most part.

Chondun is a very safe and secure city in a region that is very safe and secure. Because of this there is very little need for adventurers in the area. The city is, though, a good place for adventurers to go if they are looking for excitement elsewhere. A lot of caravans come through the city, and a lot of cargo is loaded onto boats and shipped down river and out onto the Vilhon Reach where it is shipped to cities near and far. Because of this there is always someone looking to hire experienced adventurers as guards.

In the last couple of years some of the local iron mines have dug deep enough to connect into areas of the underdark. While nothing truly powerful or evil has come up through these mines a lot of people in power think it is only a matter of time before something does. To that end the city quietly, and often secretively, hires adventurers to work as scouts in the areas of the underdark in the general vicinity of the mines. A few of these groups were never heard from again.


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