The League of Chondalwood


Who Rules: Thorgeir Staffthrasher (LN, Male elf, Druid 13) rules this lumber town with an iron fist. Along with The Council of Trees, which is made up of 21 druids, he personally inspects the areas to be forested and selects certain trees to be spared. The reason for this is that he is maintaining a near perfect balance of the harvesting of the trees.

Who Really Rules: Thorgeir Staffthrasher.

Population: 5,300 (60% elves, 30% human, 8% dwarf, 2% mixed and other).

Major Products: Lumber. There is also a local meadery that makes Green Dragon Mead, a closely guarded local secret. It is rarely served to outsiders and it is a crime to take it out of the city. To those few outsiders who have tasted it, many have been tempted to try and smuggle it out of town, and very few have been caught, but only because they've never had the opportunity to smuggle any of it out of the city. Unicorn's Leap white wine is also made in Dalwood.

Armed Forces: 2,000 light infantry. Every single adult male is required to be part of the military, which is set up along the lines of a militia, with most of them using axes in combat because they are lumberjacks. There is always a core group of 100 who are on duty at all times, patrolling the area around the town. This core group is made up of two groups of 50, and each is on duty for ten days, with the groups overlapping by a half week. This allows for a smooth transition of groups with the maximum efficiency in turning over any issues to the next group.

Notable Mages: Ivar the Raven (CN, Male Human, W8), who earned his moniker because he maintains an aviary of 100 ravens that do his bidding and act as his spies and scouts.

Notable Churches: Elvish temples.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: There is no thieves' guild in the community because most of the population operates on a system of barter. This doesn't mean that there aren't any thieves. There are, but they all run independently, and anyone who has tried to set up a guild has wound up dead in a gutter somewhere

Equipment Shops: Half (full in regards to outdoor type gear).

Adventurers' Quarters: Nothing special with only one Inn in the town.

Important Characters: Hovanna of the Myriad Colors (LG, Female Elf, 0-level), proprietor of the larger of the only two taverns in town, the Myriad Colors. Hovanna runs a respectable, albeit slightly rowdy, establishment, where information flows more than the ale. If there are any rumors in town, odds are that Hovanna has heard about, and she can probably tell you whether or not it is true. Her information, though, is not free. It is for paying customers only. Anyone who tries to pay her outright for information will be asked to leave the establishment, and depending on how they behave, be barred from anywhere from 1 day to "life."

Tuort the Fish (N, Sea-elf male, 0-level sage) is an expert on river fishes, of which the Spiritflow River is full of many varied species.

Grizzly Ariansson (N, Human-Werebear Male, F6) is a local who devotes his life to defending the bear population against over-hunting and anything else that may be a threat. He is also an expert on woodland biology and fauna.

Hallafal Cooper (CN, Halfling Male, T6) actually gave up thievery (for the most part) to make barrels, a trade he learned from his father, and its one that he loves and is extremely good at.

Wasgij (CG, ½-elf Male, F1) makes furniture for people all over the Inner Sea. Each piece, though, takes from 2 to 8 weeks, and the cost is at a factor of x5. The finished product, though, is more than worth the price. His waiting list is currently just under two years, though for the right price he will put someone to the front of the list.

Snorri Skullsplitter (CN, Human Male, R9) is an experienced lumberjack, being able to take down trees faster than anyone else. He is also a stout conversationalist who spends just as much time on forest conservation as he does in earning his keep chopping down trees. He rarely speaks and when he does it is haltingly with a thick accent and there are often strange words mixed in amongst his speech. Because of this many people think he is dim or slow witted, but he is very intelligent. His knowledge of wood lore is nearly without peer and he often assists wizards and healers in tracking down rare bits of flora. He is also a highly skilled hunter and tracker and is known to hunt deer with a battle axe, which he throws as if it were no bigger than a handaxe. He knows the lands around Dalwood better than most people.

Important Features in Town: The town has no walls, but it is situated on a heavily wooded island in the middle of the Spiritflow River, which actually runs towards the South Rossak Mountains. Before the river reaches the mountains, though, it enters into an underground cavern that runs under the South Rossak Mountains, eventually becoming the South Rossak River and emerging on the other side of the mountains. It is by this means that lumber is floated into the heart of the Regions of Rossak. There are numerous dwarven outposts along the river, and one dwarven city built along the shores of an underground lake, that the river flows by, so it is a very safe means of transportation through the mountains.

Local Lore: It has been rumored for years that a green dragon of extremely large proportions lives somewhere in the vicinity, but it has never been seen. The rumors persist, though, because of irrefutable evidence of a dragon having been in areas. Because of this adventurer groups are constantly passing through the area, only to come back dejected and travel worn with nothing to show for their time and effort. The green dragon rumor, though, is one thing that Hovanna will not comment on. She merely says it is just a rumor, nothing more. The truth of the matter is that Hovanna found the dragon just after it had hatched and its mother had been slain. The dragon formed a bond with Hovanna, and despite the basic nature of the dragon, it is actually of LN alignment. It lives a ways off from the city, and it will on occasion enter the city in the form of a human, and visit Hovanna. The only other person who is aware of this relationship is Thorgeir.


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