The Krag
Independent City


Who Rules: High King Lord Craynsten Dross (LG, Dwarf Male, F20) is an average ruler. He relies heavily on his advisors. All of the advisors are loyal to the king and with their help he has been a very popular and good king. During times of crisis, though, King Dross seemingly becomes a completely different ruler, one whose level of excellence and quick thinking cannot be matched. He is truly at his best when things are at their worst.

Who Really Rules: King Dross has the final say in everything and he rules completely, but he will never fail to listen to any advice that his advisors give him.

Population: 14,900 (55% dwarf, 30% gnome, 11% human, 2% mouseling, 2% other).

Major Products: Iron ore, coal, steel, marble, arms, armor, rope, nets, pulleys, Featherfall Ale, and Dead Man's Brandy, which is rumored to be a curse to the male scions of the family that makes it and as such some males refuse to drink it. Despite the supposed curse the Brandy's rich, dark flavor and thick, honeyed taste make it very popular with the locals and a highly profitable export

Armed Forces: 750 (250 heavy infantry, 200 light infantry, 150 archers, 150 artillerists/engineers).

Notable Mages: Ralam Ruof (CG, Human Male, W15) came to The Krag as an engineer to assist in a small project and he stayed on because he had nothing better to do. He delights in flying and light/dark spells and is an excellent engineer.

Markalla Aldorillian (CN, Gnome Female, I14) spends most of her time down in the mines as part of a rapid response team formed to deal with Underdark excursions. She has been invaluable in diverting enemy forces into ambushes and knows most of the mines and a good deal of the immediate Underdark like the back of her hand.

Notable Churches: All dwarf and gnome, Gond, Helm, Tyr, Tempus, and Grumbar.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Ragnor the Hairy (LE, Dwarf Male, T18) is so hairy that he can, with a bit of make up, successfully pass himself off as some sort of shaggy dog. Because of this disguise is strongly emphasized in his guild, The Whole Hole, and through this they have thrived over the years. Only novices and new additions to the guild are not experts in disguise.

Equipment Shops: Full, though Underdark equipment tends to be cheaper than the norm, and a lot of surface-type equipment (i.e. harness ware, tents, forestry equipment, etc.) is more expensive than normal.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome everywhere in the town, though those inns located near the surface are more expensive than elsewhere.

Important Characters: Oxel the Knife (NG, Dwarf Male, F6) is an expert knife craftsman. He is also an excellent singer whose songs ring out while he's working. In addition to being a skilled craftsman, he is also highly knowledgeable about the anatomy of quite a few demi-human races.

M'rydia Hornestel (LN, Human Female, W12) has almost completely given up practicing magic to devote her time to the one skill that she truly excels at, tattooing. People come from far and wide just to see her tattoos, and a lot of them leave with their own. Her specialty is tattoos that are animated, though they are monstrously expensive.

Important Features in Town: The Krag is truly a wonder to behold. It is comprised of two sections. The outermost section is a 400-yard diameter circular wall dotted with towers. Within this section is the shaft section. It is comprised of a massive roofed structure that is 300 yards in diameter and sits over a nearly mile deep shaft. This shaft is surrounded by a spiral roadway that gently winds down to the lowest area. All buildings are built along this road, so the city is in essence a single street. Numerous "alley-ways" are cut in between buildings, and behind them. Passageways also connect different sections vertically so that there are numerous ways up and down through the city without having to use the main street. In an emergency the roof of the shaft house can be opened

At the four main compass points are paired massive, mule-powered winches that are used for the quick hauling of cargo up and down the shaft. The top of the shaft if also covered with a huge net (with appropriate openings cut into it for the winches). The net can also be completely removed so that The Main Hoist can be used. This hoist, which is powered by a water shaft deep beneath the surface, can lift up to 16 tons with ease and was instrumental in expanding the original shaft to its current size. There are also spring-loaded emergency nets every 100' located directly beneath the hoists that can be shot out to catch anything falling. These nets have worked perfectly in actual emergencies. There are also 10 massive nets located along the various points of the shaft that can cover the entire shaft to catch anything falling. These are not used as often as one would think to catch people. The reason for this is the numerous "Catch Stations" that are located all along the main road. These are simply magical stone columns that are 2' tall with a large handprint in it. Above the handprint, in large letters and in 6 different languages, is the command word. All one has to do is put their hand in the handprint, look at a falling item and utter the command word. This will affect the target with a featherfall spell, but only if the target wants it. These magic items can tell the difference between someone falling and someone using a fly spell or something similar. The town does require people with the ability to fly to tie bright green scarves to one ankle and one wrist when flying so that people won't accidentally featherfall them. There are heavy fines for not having the scarves.

The wealthiest residents live along a vertical strip that is located on the western side of the shaft, and except for the very bottom of the inhabited area the social classes are evenly mixed. The very bottom of the shaft is uninhabited, though ready for homes to be carved out. The lower inhabited areas are the poorest of the city and these people are slowly being pushed downwards towards the bottom.

Local Lore: There are at least 20 mines that branch off from various points of the city. Of these 6 are known to connect with the Underdark and are heavily guarded and patrolled. There is also one exceptionally fortified gate at the very bottom of the shaft that leads directly to a main crossroad of the Underdark. This gate leads to two dwarven cities and one branch is known to eventually lead to a drow city. There is no fee to exit through these gates, but the fee to get in fluctuates and is dependent on current tensions in the city and the look of those entering. There is also an entranceway to the Dorgan Highway located in The Krag.


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