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Who Rules: First Lord and Magistrate Lorial Silver Birch (NG, High Elf Male, W15) is a fair a just Lord, ruling with an equal mix of intelligence, wisdom, and force.

Who Really Rules: The First Lord and Magistrate rules completely and totally, though he always listens to what his council of 15 advisors has to say, and considers all the options before deciding on a course of action.

Population: 24,600 (55% elf, 20% human, 10% halfling, 10% yuan ti, 5% other).

Major Products: Candles, finely crafted furniture, clothing, glassware, metalwork, weapons and armor, an exceptionally fine red wine called Outer Ward, and a cheap but refreshing pale amber beer called Old Shieldwall.

Armed Forces: 625 (100 heavy infantry, 200 light infantry/archers, 100 engineers/artillerists, 75 heavy cavalry, 150 light cavalry/scouts).

Notable Mages: Vladimir Wildmane (CG, Human Male, W16) is a former head of the Feralist Arcanum Society, but was voted out after a wild surge propelled him 4 years into the future. He has since devoted his time to creating magical wands and study ways of capturing and harnessing wild magic energy.

Ime Norishime (LN, Human Female, W15) is a mage from the lands of Kara Tur and is currently spending time studying the magic spells of the west. To support her studies, she teaches the ways of the Far East to those who are interested.

Vilnior Goldenteak (NG, Elf Male, W17) is an expert on all things illusionary. Most people don't know what he looks like because he is fond of going out under illusionary disguise. He has nothing to hide, he just enjoys his craft

Notable Churches: Solanor, Chauntea, Lathander, Selune, and Selune.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The Black Dagger is run by Krellaxe Strongmace (LE, Dwarf Male, T15), a ruthless, yet fair thief who sees that the members of his guild are well rewarded for their efforts. The recent war between Turmish and the Free Cities of Rossak has led to an increase in the amount of espionage and sale of information, something which could threaten the neutrality that Shieldwall enjoys so well.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout the city, but most tend to stay at either The Silver Bow or The Crested Helm. The Silver Bow is a very expensive inn that is a true sign of success as an adventurer, while The Crested Helm is a well kept place where those on the rise or on the way down the ladder of success usually stay.

Important Characters: Sophillya Dewmane (LG, Elf Female, F9) is an enigma to here elven brethren, for she has forsaken the bow and is constantly extolling the virtues of firearms, of which she is also an excellent craftsman.

Horithe Foxface (NG, Elf Male, R16) is an expert hunter and one of the best trackers south of the Sea of Fallen Stars. He has been hired for work as far away as Waterdeep and Calimport.

Rachelle Sunforge (CN, Elf Female, W14) is a goldsmith without par for hundreds of miles. Her work is always of the highest quality, and extremely expensive.

Jey of Banu (LN, Gnome Male, P7) was a wandering healer who came to Shieldwall several years ago. He liked the city so much that he decided to stay for a couple of months. He administers healing to the needy and spends his free time playing a game of his own invention, a game that involves using a club to hit rocks into buckets that are partially buried hundreds of yards away.

Important Features in Town: Shieldwall is unique in that it actually lies within the borders of the Yuan Ti Empire of the Vilhon Reach. It was the only city that did not defend itself against the expanding "Snake" Empire and through some very skilled negotiators was able to maintain its independence. The only concessions were that citizens of Hlondath would be treated fairly and justly and that the city of Shieldwall would not harbor fugitives of the Empire.

The city itself is built on a small plateau, which is about 4-5 miles in diameter, and the city is roughly in the middle. The plateau, over the years, has been smoothed out until it is almost completely flat, and except for a ¼-mile wide strip along the edge of the plateau, there are no trees along the plateau. To compensate for this lack of trees, the area around the town has been cultivated into massive flower gardens. The city itself, which is built in a rectangular shape, is a work of beauty beyond compare. The streets are wide and filled with fragrant shrubbery and flowering trees. Most of the buildings are covered with engravings and carvings designed to resemble trees and various plant forms. There are also numerous "natural" parks that are not cultivated in any way, but allowed to grow naturally. The walls and towers of the city are covered with graceful carvings that give them a delicate look, but they are massive and strong, the result of a long-ago collaboration between dwarves and elves.

Local Lore: Because of the massive flower garden that surrounds the city nearly all of the farming is down off of the plateau, which makes security of the farms a job that is sometimes difficult to do. Kobold and goblin raiders are common on the outlying farms. Additionally, the hills to the west, close to the mountains, are a haven for giantkind. Though they are not a common threat they do sometimes range far afield and attack the farms for food and slaves. After exceptionally bad harvests the giants are even known to go so far as to attack the city itself.

Two dwarven clans, Strongarm and Mithril Hammer, both had thriving cities in the vicinity, but that was about 300 years ago. Local denizens eventually overran both cities. The exact location of both cities has been lost over the years and it is rumored that vast treasures and armories still lie hidden beneath the earth, waiting for intrepid adventurers to come and claim their fame. Of course, many adventurers do come through Shieldwall, on their way to fame and fortune. Those that do come back, though, usually don't have much to show for their efforts except for a couple dead comrades.

Small dwarven mining communities still exist in the surrounding hills and they provide a small but steady supply of processed ores and crafted metal goods. They also hire a lot of mercenaries and adventuring groups to help maintain their security. The work is hard and dangerous, but the pay is usually good.


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