The Central Protectorate


Who Rules: King Entas Mithriltooth (CN, Human Male, F15) rules Sherrco completely. Not only is he brave, handsome, and a fierce warrior, but he is also extremely intelligent and very wise. He is deeply involved in a lot of what goes on, but also relies on trusted advisors to take care of the "small things" that go on. Unfortunately, he has been forced to make examples of some advisors who proved to be untrustworthy and disloyal.

Who Really Rules: King Entas rules completely.

Population: 32,000 (65% human, 25% dwarven, 7% elf, 3% mixed other races).

Major Products: Steel, arms, armor, chariots, fine jewelry, medicines, cattle, smoked meats, cheese, bounty hunters, Gilded Mug Ale, Wyvern's Blood brandy, and a Sherrco is the only known distribution point for a dwarven mead called Ice-Forge Mead.

Armed Forces: 2,500 (1,000 cavalry of mixed types, 500 heavy infantry, 250 light infantry, 250 archers, 250 artillerists, and a force of 250 dwarven assault troops). Nearly half of all the ground troops (excluding the assault troops) are dwarven, and the city can also call up 1,500 dwarven infantry milita. The Ansar Knights maintain a permanent force of 1,000 in Sherrco

Notable Mages: Katerine Agon (LN, Human Female, W24) is in the process of trying to figure out how to permanently levitate an entire city. She is an expert in changing the mass of materials and is currently experimenting with houses. She has succeeded in permanently levitating her own house. However, she keeps it ½-inch off the ground and hides the levitation with shrubs.

Aremris Wregan (NE, Human Male, W23) experiments with creating extra-dimensional spaces and will create magic items for a price. Rumors abound that he is using his house as the main object of his experiments.

Nyild Oaktree (CG, Elf Male, F15/W17) is the head of a local bounty hunter school, as well as being an instructor at the local mages guild where he specializes in divination spells.

Notable Churches: Tymora, Sune, Gond, Lathander, Tyr, Tempus, Selune, and Waukeen.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Officially, according to the city, there is no guild in Sherrco. However, The Black Hand, which spans five cities, has its headquarters here. Gunther NerDrugan (LE, Human Male, F16) appeared out of nowhere years ago and took over the guild of Airspur. He set up a puppet leader and did the same in Lomatra. Eventually, he had four guilds and came to Sherrco to base his operation because it had no guild. Well, it did, but he quickly took it over. His prowess with a rapier and main-gauche, along with a seemingly magical immunity to poison (and a well-paid and loyal troop of bodyguards) has allowed him maintain a firm grip on the Black Hand. Overall, he is fair and rewards loyalty but he is also ruthless when he needs to be.

Equipment Shops: Full, with a high number of shops stocking high quality items.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout Sherrco. The Bullfrog is a very popular dive because its in one of the more livelier (i.e. rowdier) sections of town with good ale and dirt cheap rooms. At the other end of the spectrum is The Palace, an extravagant and expensive place for those with expensive tastes.

Important Characters: Lord Kurgen Redaxe (CN, Dwarf Male, F15) is a retired adventurer who left his holdings in Cormyr in the hands of his eldest son and is now a renowned goldsmith whose work is some of the best in all of Rossak.

Tuvalla Redaxe (LN, Dwarf Female, F12/Ps12) is the daughter of Lord Kurgen but she renounced her title and donates 25% of all her income to dwarves in need of assistance (for which her father cut her our of the will). She is now a expert blacksmith and armorer whose shop has the best workers and put out the best work for miles around.

Kreellaline (LE, Quickling Male, T15) operates outside of the local guild, and the guild lets him, simply because they gave up on catching him years ago. He is a phenomenal pickpocket and is an excellent tracker with superb hiding skills. If he can be found, and if you have enough money, he's the first choice in spies in Sherrco.

Gilthor Greenbough (NG, Elf Male, F19/W23) is an ancient elf, nearly 2,000 years old. He spends his time at the Gilded Mug, drinking their renowned ale, telling stories. A lot of his stories seem far-fetched and some people think he's going senile, but his memories over 500 years old are still crisp and clear.

Z (N, Human Male, ??) is assumed to be a human male. Most people who know him suspect that he is something much more. He runs Z's Place, a posh tavern that is hidden on the bottom of the Upper Chondrun River. Z accepts any and all patrons into his establishment, regardless of race or alignment, and he has the power to ensure that there is never any trouble in his establishment.

Important Features in Town: Sherrco straddles the Upper Chondrun and its river gates are large enough to allow most masted ships to pass through the city. With the exception of a few destinations further upriver, mostly private castles, most ships end their journey in Sherrco. The city is roughly rectangular shaped with the river running almost down the middle. Within the city is also a large island upon which sits the original castle that was here before the city. There are no bridges to the island, so charter boats do a brisk business here. There is only one true bridge across the river, near the northern side of town, but the southern river gate is also a public bridge, but only during daylight hours. Sherrco has some strict laws, one of which is no riding of horses in town without a permit. And those permits are very expensive. Fortunately for visitors there are stables located next to all of the town's gates.

Local Lore: Sherrco is an extremely active town. A lot of overland trade routes wind up here where cargo can then be shipped down river to the Vilhon Sea. Because of this there is always a need for caravan guards. Sherrco is also a terminus for one branch of the Dorgan Highway, though most people are not aware of this. There is a large cave complex south of the city which connects to the Underdark, and this is a popular place for adventurers, for two reasons. The first is the lure of fame and fortune. The second is that through this area is an underground highway that leads to a series of dwarf and deep gnome colonies. Recently, the drow have started to get more active in the area, either bypassing or wiping out the outposts just within the cave complex. Also, kobolds have been staging raids on the city, some of which appear right in the middle of the city, seemingly out of thin air. This has caused a bit on consternation for the king, but fortunately there have only been a few raids, which were small in number and easily dispatched.



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