Independent City, allied with Enfold


Who Rules: General Michael Loffcheq (CN, Human Male, F18) is a portly, balding, aging warrior who wears glasses. Some have taken his sagging physical condition as a sign of weakness, but Mike still handles a rapier well enough to make short work of anyone foolish enough to take him on.

Who Really Rules: First Councilor Victor Drake (LE, Human Male, W16) is the half-brother of Captain Lofecheck and is the General's personal confidant, as well as being head of the Royal Council, which is made up of 6 members, with the General being the deciding vote. Victor uses his influence to make sure that the General's deciding vote goes his way when he wants it. The General still makes most of the decisions, but Councilor Drake heavily influences him.

Population: 18,000 (80% human, 15% dwarf, 4% gnome, 1% mixed races).

Major Products: Trade, quarried stone, amber, fish, goats, wickerwork, Salty Nymph Ale, a heady red wine popular with the commoners that is simply known as The Good Stuff, and a cheap brandy called Mud Puddle.

Armed Forces: 250 light cavalry, 150 heavy infantry, 250 artillerist/engineers, and 100 marine assault troops. The town also maintains a militia of 1,500 townspeople who train regularly and are considered of good quality. RaMoen also maintains a fleet of 6 heavy warships, all armed with rams and carrying a complement of marines.

Notable Mages: Duke Rizzen of Cormyr (LN, Human Male, W23) spends a lot of time up in the mountains researching cold-based spells and doing research into who-knows-what. He also runs an acting school that puts on performances for the town, and he maintains a travelling troupe of his better students that travel the Regions. Some suspect the troupe as being a front for spies.

Brook Lemayne (NG, Human Female, W15) does experiments with transmutation spells. She is also highly knowledgeable in geography, geology, and mountain denizens.

Faulstaff (LN, Human Male, W14) is Brook Lemayne's husband. He spends most of his time raising their two children and training them in the magic arts. What little free time he has is spent in solving engineering projects with his good friend Durek Granitespine.

Notable Churches: Tempus, Waukeen, Grumbar, Aghma, and Tyr.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Fullnik Acidtongue (CN, Human Male, T19) seems to have never hit puberty. Despite being in his late 20's, he only stands 4' 6" tall, and he can't seem to grow a beard. This youthful look belies the deadly skill with daggers that he has. He rules his guild with skill, determination, and he has an uncanny ability to read the economic situation and knows when to increase or decrease activity. He is also the master of taunting and can goad nearly anyone into a wild rage that often causes his opponents to make a fatal mistake.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: The Tower is a popular place for adventurers. It's located next to the harbor and is a large 50' diameter, 100' tall tower. It is the tallest structure in town and is owned and run by a retired adventurer, Durek Granitespine. It's a lively place with good food and great ale (imported from Sherrco). On occasion it does tend to get rowdy and sometimes things get out of hand at the Upper Bar and someone winds up being thrown into the harbor.

Important Characters: Durek Granitespine (CG, Dwarf Male, F15) built his tower home/inn six years ago when he retired from a life of adventuring. He does more business than all the other inns combined and he rarely has more than one or two rooms available at any given time. He is a shrewd businessman and accountant and helps businesses streamline to make more of a profit. He also spends a lot of time pursuing his true love of engineering with Faulstaff and holds several contracts with the city to solve several public works projects.

Slanig Iro (LG, Gnome Male, F10) is an expert artillerist and engineer who thinks bigger is better. He is constantly trying to build bigger siege engines. At present he has just finished an immense trebuchet that has 35% more range and does 35% more damage. It sits just south of town and is now part of the harbor defenses. He is currently working with Durek Granitespine and Faulstaff to try to put it on a turntable so that it can also protect the caravan road leading into the mountains.

Important Features in Town: RaMoen is built along a rocky shore and is the only safe harbor for anything larger than a rowboat for 20 miles in each direction along the coast. The town is circular in shape and the harbor is oval shaped and cuts into the center of the town. The entrance is only wide enough for one ship at a time (though two can be run in and out in an emergency, but would require very careful steering), but beyond the harbor defensive towers it opens up and extends ¾ of the way into town. The only way across the harbor is either to go around, rent a boat, or take one of the toll-tunnels that some enterprising dwarves have built underneath (designed by Durek and Faulstaff). These tunnels are wide enough for several wagons and the owners actually have horses and wagons for rent to transport cargo. They have gotten quite rich from their tunnel and transport business.

RaMoen is very important as it protects the only direct overland road to Enfold. Both towns maintain patrol stations and hostels along the road (each town having cavalry force of 500 and light infantry-archers numbering 250 which are not calculated into the armed forces). For the most part the road is safe, but it is long and not every square inch can be protected. Private mercenary companies maintain posts outside of town and offer their services to any whom may require them. The mercenaries are strictly overseen by the city and are more reliable and honest than most. Their prices are also fair

Local Lore: Rumors of a floating city are as common as flies throughout RaMoen. Some say that it's from out of the past, some say that it's a metal ship with strange creatures and weapons on board, and some say it was created by a group of powerful wizards because they wanted a city that could visit other cities.

Several hunters and trappers have come down from the mountains recently and have reported that some areas once infested with goblins are deserted. Some people are wondering if they're leaving the area, or maybe pulling back to gather strength before attacking. There is nothing to support either theory, so nothing is being done but look for more information.


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