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Who Rules: King Dennigen Mosstoes (LN, Halfling Male, F14) is a very short, extremely fat warrior who is rarely seen without some sort of food in his hand. He is so large that the fastest he can move is a slow waddle (treat as base move of 2"). His obesity has forced him to forsake his once favored short sword for missile weapons. He is now an expert in darts, throwing daggers, and short bow. Despite everything he is still a fair and just king.

Who Really Rules: King Mosstoes rules almost completely. Because of his size, though, he relies completely on others for information on anything that takes place outside of the palace.

Population: 22,450 (45% halfling, 25% gnome, 20% dwarf, 8% human, 2% other).

Major Products: Barrels, pottery, linens, spices, herbs, dried mushrooms, Halfling-sized siege weapons, Sling Bullet Brandy, and a nearly black excellent beer called Peat Breath.

Armed Forces: 250 light infantry, 150 heavy infantry, 200 dog-infantry, and 150 artillerists.

Notable Mages: Akala Bluesong (LG, Elf Female, W17) spends her free time roaming the streets playing her lyre and singing songs. When she isn't singing she's helping to create magical musical instruments. She is also an expert on ancient songs and poetry and collects finely crafted musical instruments.

Helyn Firetongue (CE, Human Female, W14) secretly resides in Oslin as she currently has at least 20 bounties on her head totaling 350,000 gp. She spends her daylight hours magically disguised as a halfling selling herbs from her shop, and her nights in human form in her secret lab beneath her shop brewing poison and teleporting to various cities while moonlighting as an assassin. Her herb shop is a legitimate business where the customers always get a great deal

Notable Churches: Silvanus, Chaunea, Mielikki, Selune, Lathander, and Milil.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Kathlinn the Nimble (LE, Halfling Female, T14/Ps14) is seen as one of the craftiest, and luckiest, thieves to have lived in Oslin. She is always one step ahead of the law (and the competition), and when things look bad, unexpected "accidents" always seem to happen to those who are working against her. No one knows that she is a psionicist and it is her powers that provide her with her luck.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome anywhere in Oslin, but only The Blue Hold and The Rocktable have facilities large enough to house humans. Fortunately, both inns are quite large, though The Rocktable is a classy joint, whereas The Blue Hold is a bit of a dive.

Important Characters: Gilgamiil Burrows (LN, Gnome Male, F7) is a master miner and trap designer. Most of his business is of a secretive nature working as an architect/engineer to help his clients expand their basements.

Jael Birchleaf (LG, Human Male, I13) is actually believed to be a cleric of Lathander. The truth, though, is that he is merely a follower of Lathander. Jael roams the town using illusions to trick people's minds into thinking they are in fact receiving healing spells. What Jael does not realize is that he is in fact healing people. Some experts believe that Lathander is working through Jael to spread his word.

Important Features in Town: Oslin is a simple town, laid out in a circular pattern and is divided into 8 equally sized sections. Every section has a gate leading out of the city, as well is into each adjacent section. There is also a large, 100' diameter tower at the very center of town. The tower is completely hollow except for eight gates that all open into a vaulted chamber. A single staircase leads to an upper chamber that controls the winches and locking mechanisms for the gates. At any given time, though, only 2 exterior gates into the city are open. The two are always opposite each other and the exact two which are open is determined randomly every couple of days. Two of the sections of the city are devoted exclusively to gardens and park space.

Most residences in the city are currently undergoing a transformation to convert their roofs into private little gardens. About half of the buildings in the city have roof top gardens and this has made the city truly a wonder to behold. A lot of the residents have erected gates and drawbridges on their roofs so that neighbors may visit each other or cross alleyways to visit even more people. During the day there is an unofficial second layer of streets on the rooftops. The city is quite unique because it is built on a small plateau that has a depression that takes up most of its space. So, the city appears to be on a tall hill, but once you enter, the city falls away towards the center, exposing most of the gardens. The city walls are a popular place to stroll along at night when the gardens are lit by lanterns.

Oslin is located two miles above a small lake that is situated about 8 miles upriver from the Inland Sea. All major ships are towed upriver by teams of horses to the lake, and then rowboat-tugs pull the ships to the docking facilities. Cargo is then transported to back and forth to town by wagons. The road leading up the city is long and winding and easily defended. There are eight towers that dot the roadside to provide security.

Local Lore: Several warring tribes of goblins occupy lands further inland and don't bother the town too much. Several times a year, though, the goblins call a truce, join up with some hobgoblins, and raid the river shipping and outlying isolated communities. When this happens an immediate call for adventurers goes out and severe punitive expeditions take place.

Locals tell stories of several gargantuans (85-100' tall) that sometimes come down to the lake at night. They say that they can feel the ground shakes from several miles away and that they drain the lake by a couple of feet. Footprints haven't been found because the ground is so rocky and experts say that while gargantuans may indeed exist there is no proof. Locals don't push the issue because they have never attacked the town, and there is even one story that a gargantuan wiped out a gnoll raiding party by stepping on it.


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