Kingdom of Sespech
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Who Rules: Baron Thuragar Foesmasher (LN, Human Male, F15) rules not only the city of Ormpetarr but also the kingdom of Sespech. He is a cautious yet forceful ruler who is committed wholly to the welfare of his kingdom.

Who Really Rules: While Baron Foesmasher rules completely, ruling an entire kingdom takes a lot of time. Therefore he often lets The Council of Eleven take care of the everyday necessities of running Ormpetarr. The Council, made up of hand-picked merchants by the Baron, has only the welfare of the city in mind and is utterly loyal to the Baron.

Population: 32,000 (85% human, 5% dwarf, 4% elf, 3% gnome, 2% halfling, 1% yuan-ti).

Major Products: Grains, dried fruits, livestock (primarily sheep and cattle), wine (especially Naga Blood, a red wine that is popular throughout the Kingdom of Sespech and along the Vilhon Reach), Frogleg Beer, and Copper Pail Ale. A recent product that has been introduced is an amber liquor filtered through peat and called Dwarf Fire Scotch.

Armed Forces: 4,000 (2,000 light infantry who double as the constabulary, 1,000 cavalry who primarily patrol the surrounding farmlands, 500 heavy infantry, 500 artillerists). The city also has a navy of 8 heavy warships that primarily patrol close to the city and try to protect the local fishing fleet.

Notable Mages: Lady Helyn (LG, Human Female, W18) is head of the mages guild and secret advisor to the Baron. She is an expert on summoning and alteration spells. She also specializes in creating magic items that are especially useful against nagas. Mages are not popular in Sespech and as such Lady Helyn, the guild, and most mages a keep very low profile.

Notable Churches: Eldath, Lathander, Waukeen, Leira, Silvanus, Tempus, Tyr, and secret sects to Shar and Bane.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Garith Firemane (LE, Human Male, T17) is head of The Naga's Venom, a group of thieves who are, for the most part, totally loyal to Garith. The reason for this is that Garith has, through bribes, assassinations, and sheer terror, managed to protect the guild in the face of rigid aws, hateful citizenry, and a military that is utterly ruthless in persecuting the guild. All of the money used by Garith and the guild is in the form of coins with the stamp of Arrabar on it. He is rumored to be behind several attempts on the Baron himself. The bounty on Garith is 25,000 gp.

Equipment Shops: Full for all equipment and naval equipment is readily available and cheap.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome throughout the town. The Copper Pail is an affordable inn with truly great food and is popular with a lot of adventurers. More affluent adventurers who like to flaunt their money often stay at the Crystal Chalice or The Golden Naga.

Important Characters: Yllamole Inad (LN, Human Male, F12) is a retired adventurer who spends more time exploring the surrounding countryside in search of great fishing spots. He knows the surrounding lands better than most people in the city of Ormpetarr and he is often sought out as a guide for adventurers. He is also highly knowledgeable about fishing and many a young ranger pays handsomely to learn from this master of the streams.

Melissa Rede (LG, Human Female, W11) is a retired adventurer and financial whiz who gave up the excitement of battling monsters for the excitement of being the town treasurer. With the ability of being able to recall just about anything she has read she ensures that the city actually makes a profit each year. Her spies also keep tabs on nearly all major financial transactions in the city and a lot of minor transactions, all of which she knows about. For the right price (which is donated to the city) she will reveal information to people who she deems trustworthy and have no ill-will towards the city or kingdom.

Andrew Steambelly (CN, Dwarf Male, F/T 4/7) is a broker and money lender. He often works as a spy for the treasurer, but he also runs a reputable business that specializes in holding money for bounty hunters, merchants, and adventurers.

Important Features in Town: Ormpetarr is laid out in the shape of a half-circle. The city is divided into 6 distinct sections. The first section is the narrow Dock Ward, which runs the entire length of the city from north to south. Roughly in the center of the city is a circular section that contains most of the government buildings as well as Foesmasher Castle, the home of the Baron. The rest of the city is divided into four wedges. All sections of the city are divided by walls. All of the wedge sections and the Government Ward all connect to the Dock Ward, but only the two innermost wedge sections connect with the Government Ward. Access between all wards is through guarded gates, but the guards are primarily there to prevent traffic jams. The outer walls of the city are very impressive, being nearly 30 feet thick and almost 40 feet tall. There are numerous staircases leading to the tops of the walls, and the tops of the walls are often full of strolling citizens, wandering poets, and worshippers of Lathander, as well as the normal complement of guards.

Local Lore: Of primary concern to the city is the fact that The Nagawater is aptly named. The presence of numerous nagas in the southern end of the lake drives a lot of fish to the northern end, much to the benefit of Ormpetarr. Fortunately for the local fishermen there is a series of buoys with continual light spells on them that are strung across the middle of the lake. The buoys also keep the nagas from coming to the northern end of the lake. Unfortunately, the nagas sometimes "forget" this fact and a fair number of fishing boats disappear each year.

Though she lives far to the south the green dragon Thar'alean often visits the area surrounding Ormpetarr. She has seldom attacked anyone in the vicinity of the city, but she has been spotted numerous times flying to and fro around the city. However, she has a fondness for thieving while in human form and many a merchant or wealthy citizen has been a victim of her stealthy endeavors. Since she is fond of green attire the wearing of green is frowned upon by the local citizenry.

The plains surrounding Ormpetarr are heavily cultivated and heavily patrolled and are thus relatively safe for several days travel. The lands beyond, though, are not so safe. For this reason work as caravan guards can be readily found. There is also a small fleet of ships who brave the southern waters of the Nagawater to trade with the city of Nagarr. There is a ready supply of brave (or foolish) sailors who are willing to work for extremely high wages. Not surprisingly there is a high turnover rate for this business and most sailors are paid in advance so they can spend their wages while they're still alive.


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