Mount Dorgan
The Free Cities of Dorgan


Who Rules: Duke Troye "the Human" Tallaxe (LG, Human Male, F27) is only referred to by his name during court functions. Anywhere else, it is simply "the Human" or some variation on that. For the Duke, though, it is a term of respect and affection. The reason for this level of respect for a human is that the former ruler, King Asgrel Silverhelm, who was corrupt and evil, fell under the control of an evil wizard and was instrumental in opening the city to an army of orcs. Much of the city was devastated and captured, and a sizable chunk of the population was killed. It took nearly a month before Duke Tallaxe could rally enough forces to lead a counterattack to take back the entire town. Duke Troye even ordered his two sons to lead an assault against a demon that the evil mage had summoned. The demon was killed, but so were his two sons. In the end, "the "squared off against the mage and killed him, just before he killed King Asgrel. For his great heroics, and the sacrifice of his sons, he was elected ruler of Mount Dorgan. He is well respected by the other rulers of the Free Cities.

Who Really Rules: Duke Tallaxe rules completely, though he works closely with the eight members of the High Council who are the direct representatives of the people.

Population: 45,000 (85% dwarf, 10% gnome, 4% human, 1% mixed races), down from its high of 78,000 four years ago when the city nearly fell. At its low just after the attack the population level was down to 14,500.

Major Products: Quarried stone, masonry work, chests, coal, arms, armor, Mushale, a potent, semi-bitter white beer made from mushrooms, and Skullduggery, a bitter and nasty brandy that is rumored to be distilled in orc skulls.

Armed Forces: 7,000 (3,000 heavy infantry, 2,000 light infantry, 1,000 artillerists, 250 warrior-priests, and an elite force of 750 platemail clad shock troops (all level 3-7). Recent legislation calls for the town to maintain a militia of 10,000.

Notable Mages: Fleeth Birchbrow (NG, Elf Male, W18) specializes in weather and lightning based attacks. He played a prominent role in the defense of the city, but despite this he, and all wizards, are seen with some mistrust and fear.

Atorriesk Stufflebeem (CN, Gnome Male, I16) is another hero from the battle four years ago. During the counterattack he created an illusion of a bridge and lured several companies of orcs off of a cliff. He was critically injured at the very end and wears his scars with pride.

Notable Churches: All Dwarven deities, Gond, Tempus, Tyr, Waukeen. Worshippers of Bane, of whom the former king was a worshipper, are forbidden to enter the city on penalty of death.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Redhelm (LE, Dwarf Female, T17) and the Black Hilts are in a unique position. The guild played an important role during the assault. From among the ruins they carried on a campaign of assassination and prevented a lot of the city's wealth from being removed from the city. While they were doing this out of a mixed sense of loyalty and self-preservation, the residents were grateful. The city now turns a partial blind eye to the guild. Serious crimes, though, are strictly punished, but more often by the guild itself. New guild members are strictly watched and lectured.

Equipment Shops: Full, though some human sized items may be hard to come by.

Adventurers' Quarters: Many adventurers helped in the defense of Mount Dorgan, and as such they are welcomed throughout the entire town and treated with respect. Any that act up, though, usually find themselves facing an angry mob that shames the wrongdoers into leaving town.

Important Characters: Yerris Redaxe (CN, Dwarf Female, F13) is the daughter of a famous goldsmith from Sherrco and lost her husband in the war. Before the war, she was a semi-retired adventurer who raised, trained, and sold lions. For the past four years her son has run the business while she spends months on end with fellow widows using lions to hunt down orcs for sport. In certain areas orcs and other denizens flee at mere sight of a female dwarf.

Jenaxer (NG, Dwarf Male, F5) is an expert tracker and trapper. He primarily traps foxes and other furred animals, but he has branched out in setting traps for orcs and such. He also trains rangers and scouts.

Stretas Featherglen (LG, Human Male, F2) is an expert on ravens and other birds of prey.

Philea Chepare (LN, Human Male, P7) is a linguistics expert, speaking at least 27 languages fluently, including a few from the outer planes.

Beldrake Blackwing (N, Gnome Male, F4) raises mushrooms in the basement of this tower. He also raises and trains messenger bats and their handlers for the local military, and for anyone with enough money and time. He has taken to using orc skulls to create bat-houses. The populace thinks this is a great use for the skulls.

Important Features in Town: Mount Dorgan is built atop a 200' tall bluff that rises above the foothills below. Several miles to the north is the actual Mount Dorgan, which is considered sacred by most dwarves. There are several winding trails wide enough for pack mules that lead down from the bluff, but most people either come in from the mountains or via the Bluff Road, which winds south for ten miles where a cleft in the bluff provides access down. The city is made up of 10 walled sections in a rectangular shape. All the walls have been rebuilt (taller and stronger), but three of the sections are still primarily rubble and are slowly being reclaimed by the slowly growing populace. Duke Tallaxe can often be found clearing rubble when he has spare time.

Local Lore: Orcs are currently in extreme short supply in the area, but other demi-human denizens have started to take up the slack. Gnolls and hobgoblins are starting to be a nuisance, but not enough to seriously deter people from letting up on their long-term campaign against orcs. Carrion beasts are also becoming quite common in the area. The ruins of an old gnomish town are hidden somewhere among the cliffs of Dorgan Bluff, but no one has been able to find it and explore it.

Stirge eggs are a local delicacy and adventurous youths look upon an egg-hunt as rite of passage. Quieter people frown upon this activity, but those who eat the eggs secretly put up rewards for large eggs.


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