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Who Rules: King Llediv Cn'Hoj (CN, Human Male, R17) is a young, intelligent, and wise ruler. He is in his late 30's, but he rules with the skill of someone who has been doing it for at least twice as long. Despite his skill he is quite stubborn, bullheaded, and he can be quite dense on occasion. The people, though, are very fond of him, and are willing to overlook his faults.

Who Really Rules: If the law allowed the King to wed he would marry Lady Yrsa Nirsin (NG, Human Female, W23) without any hesitation. Despite being hampered by not being the Queen, Lady Yrsa still wields a great deal of power at court. While the King is quite aware of how much influence his Lady has over him he has never done anything about it. Instead, he manages to sometimes make it seem like an idea was hers and not his. To this effect, it could be said that they rule jointly, though the Lady from behind the throne.

Population: 22,750 (99% human, 1% mixed races).

Major Products: Fish, sails, compasses, red wine, bone carvings, maritime furniture, bread, and beer, especially White Shambles (a very light and tasty ale) and Ephemeral Spirits (an ale made with apples).

Armed Forces: A standing army of 1,300 (200 light cavalry-archers, 500 light infantry, 200 heavy infantry, 200 artillerists, and 200 sea-elf marines who protect the harbor. Madiselle also has a navy of 1 heavy warship, 2 medium warships, and 2 light warships; each fully manned and armed with catapults, ballistae, and a complement of 20-40 marines.

Notable Mages: Torrie Nilloc (LG, Half-elf Female, W15) is a short, black-haired, very vibrant young lady who is a bit flighty and gets easily distracted when talking with people. However, she is a highly skilled former adventurer who is sought out by novice adventurers who are seeking advice or help. She's also fond of taking on apprentices and it isn't uncommon for her to have 3-5 apprentices at any given time. None of them ever lack for attention for she never seems to sleep.

Alex Fairhair (LE, Human Male, W14) is charmingly disarming, and he uses this to great advantage when trying to swindle some obnoxious nobleman out of his money. He deals honestly and fairly with honest people, and is always ready to recharge wands and such at a fair price. Noblemen, though, are never treated fairly by him as he despises the upper crust.

Notable Churches: Gond, Umberlee, Tyr, Oghma, Selune, and Lliira.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The head of the Scaled Devils is Raud Three-Eye (CE, Lizardman, T15), so named because it seems like he has a third eye in the back of his head. He is ruthless in his dealings with victims, and he is even more ruthless in dealing with those who cross him and those who operate without permission in his realm. The first-year survival rate for new thieves within his guild is less than 30%, but those who make it are almost guaranteed to retire extremely rich.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are allowed only to stay within the harbor quarter of town, or at the Fragrant Rose, the one inn within the wealthy section of town. Since the harbor area is quite seedy the Fragrant Rose is quite popular. However, it is owned by Raud Three-Eye and it is not uncommon for loners to "checkout" unseen.

Important Characters: Deeh Opper (LN, Human Male, W3) gave up practicing magic after finding a rare collection of books on the subject of the outer planes. Ten years later he is an expert on the basics of most of the planes, and he has collected extensive information from planar travelers. His information is free, but only if he can get a guarantee of an accurate report when his clients return. For those going to dangerous planes he usually requests a small security deposit in case they don't return.

Hinak Kivisson (N, Halfling Male, F3) is the owner of the Tattered Scroll Tavern, where theological debates are quite heated and sometimes boil over into full-blown brawls. The reason for this is that Hinak is a hardcore atheist. However, he is a theological expert on all the deities of the realms and priests and priestesses come to argue with him. They also seek him out for advice, which he will give freely, but he'll always try to goad someone into an argument. If it came down to it, though, all of the priests and priestesses would back him up in a life and death fight, and some have on occasion.

Important Features in Town: Madiselle is known as the Mirror of Marsember. The reason for this is that it is built on a series of islands just like its namesake. However, Madiselle isn't built on a marshy area. There are a total of six islands, and including the shore section, the city is comprised of 7 districts. All of the islands are enclosed with their own walls and the Mainland District is the only district without a wall along the waterfront. The land-side walls, though, are quite impressive. The Mainland District is also where all the docks and shipyards are located and it is unofficially called the Harbor District. Each of the islands has its own heavily fortified pier and gate, but numerous bridges stretch between the battlements to allow easy access. The bridges can be easily thrown down if the need arises.

Madiselle elects its kings, but only when the king dies or the town council unanimously votes for a new election. This is the reason the king is forbidden from marrying. It is to ensure that no legitimate offspring can lay claim to the throne. During an election, anyone can be nominated by the council or by a signed petition of 2,500 names. Majority vote wins.

Local Lore: Somewhere in the waters near Madiselle there is an underwater cave complex that leads down into the Underdark. The caves soon open up to dry passageways, which lead deep beneath the earth before they intersect any other cave complexes. Because of this they are a popular means of access for high level adventurers. This doesn't mean that the dangers are mild. Far from it, it is a very dangerous route, but it is quick. One of the dangers is an isolated lake with a colony of aboleth. Crossing the lake only takes a day, but most adventurers would rather take the 7 days it takes to go around the lake. The duergar, troglodytes, and pockets of poison gas are preferable to the aboleths. Rumors also abound of an aquatic species of drow, but there has been no substantial proof. The occasional drow raid on Madiselle has never netted any corpses or prisoners, so it's not known if they come from the undersea caves, or if they use the water as an easy means of travel.


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