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Who Rules: The Council of Wisdom is made up of nine members from the richest families in town. Originally the council was set up because it was believed that nine people could do a better job than one. At first this was true, but over the years the council came to be made up of rich merchants, and they have maintained this status quo since then. The two most recent members are former adventurers, but they are still extremely rich and look out for their own personal needs and those of their fellow members of the upper class before any other.

Who Really Rules: The Council of Wisdom, while now not extremely wise, rules completely.

Population: 18,450 (75% human, 15% gnome, 4% halfling, 3% dwarven, 3% other).

Major Products: Trade, pottery, glassware, bricks, fish, dyes, and Green Vat, a tasty lager with a slightly green tint to it.

Armed Forces: 500 (200 light infantry/archers, 150 mixed cavalry, 75 artillerists/engineers, and 75 marines with assault boats).

Notable Mages: Ekul the Brown (N, Human Male, W17) is a retired mage who is an expert on the subject of insects, especially large, monster-like versions. He is also an expert appraiser of Rock Crystals, which he obsesses over.

Lord of Krellin Manor, Sir Robert of the Myriad Cloaks of Mysticism (LN, Human Male, W16) has a name whose size is only rivaled by his ego, which is huge! The reason for this huge ego is that he is the foremost expert on the Astral Plane within 500 miles, and everyone knows it. Despite his ego he is never condescending, merely extremely long winded and he constantly refers to himself and drops names to impress people he is talking to.

Notable Churches: Silvanus, Selune, Waukeen, Tempus, and Tymora.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: Drentelle (LE, Human Female, T17) is the leader of the local chapter of The Black Hand, a massive organization that spans 4 cities. She is fair and good to her thieves, but she is not a pushover, a mistake that many a thief has made and never lived to regret.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are only allowed to stay in the port section of the city, and if they venture into any other area, they must do so unarmed. The Silver Mast, The Helmsman's Course, and The Cargo Hold are all examples of fine, average, and poor quality inns that are in the port quarter.

Important Characters: Kasdan Hammerhand (CN, Dwarf Male, F8) gave up the dangerous life of being an adventurer to focus on his true love of weaponsmithing. While he makes any weapon, he specializes in making flails, morning stars, and maces.

The Dog Lady (LG, Human Female, P13) is a slightly senile cleric of Lathander who wanders around town with her 25 dogs distributing what food, clothing, and money that she can spare. She also gives out free healing spells. Additionally, she is an expert on ancient history, though dealing with her extremely friendly dogs and putting up with many distractions can try the patience of most. Her accuracy is quite high and those who need the information are more than happy to put up with such minor inconveniences.

The Half-Moon Masonry Company is located a couple of miles out town, and is comprised entirely of dwarves. Their work is some of the finest around, and is rightly expensive. On top of this, the dwarves claim that they need to be away from the noise of the city to do their work, so they also bring a pretty penny with shipping charges.

Christoph Durro (CG, Human Male, F12) was once a Captain in the service of the Ansar Knights. An unfortunate ambush cost him his leg and while his leg was magically regrown the incident left him a changed man. He no longer had the heart to continue on in the field and he retired. In the intervening years he has amassed one of the largest private libraries in the Regions and he has become an expert on many topics, especially tactics. While he no longer fights in the field he is often consulted by officers of the Ansar Knights and is often invited to Rossak to give lectures and/or advice to the Knights.

Important Features in Town: Lomtra is circular, divided into six wedge-shaped sections around a circular center area. Walls separate all the areas with passage between any sections only allowed through the center section, which is a large park. The only entrances into Lomtra are through the port section, or one of two gates located inland. There are gates between adjacent sections, but they are kept closed except in emergencies, or they are secret gates that only a few people know about. Except for the port section, there are no designated areas where certain industries must be located.

Towers are all the rage now, in Lomtra, but it isn't the tallest that is the best. The current competition amongst nobles and the wealthy is to have the most elaborate masonry work and the most delicately looking turrets sticking out. This, combined with all the pyramidal shaped buildings that were in vogue about a decade ago gives the town a strange skyline. At present dwarven stonemasons are quite common and in high demand.

Local Lore: Over the past two years, three of the old pyramidal buildings built about a decade ago were seen to rise up off of the ground and they just floated away. This caused quite a commotion, and not a little bit of fear amongst the citizens. Numerous people have tried to come up with an explanation but nothing plausible has come of it. Rumors of one of the pyramids being seen on the moon have recently spread through the town, but everyone chalks it up to the ramblings of drunken bar patrons with too much time on their hands.

The hilly terrain located north of Lomatra is a haven for gnolls and hill giants. Villages around Lomatra have been victim to an increasing number of raids over recent months, and it is believed by some that there is some secret organization behind this as the attacks have been on too regular a basis and too well organized. Some people suspect the drow, but there isn't any real proof of this. The only connection between the drow and the giants was a single weapon of drow manufacture found on the corpse of a slain hill giant. Besides giants, there are enough orcs and entrances into the underdark to keep adventurers busy for entire careers.


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