Independent City


Who Rules: Shyech Quair (CN, Centaur Male, F17) is the current ruler of this community of self exiled individuals. Very little is known about him, and he keeps it that way, letting messengers and advisors deliver his decisions and rulings.

Who Really Rules: Some of the advisors may think that they have control over their lord, and on rare occasions, for specific events, this may be true. However, Shyech is always in overall control.

Population: 13,500 (65% human, 15% centaur, 15% wemic, 3% elf, 2% mixed other races).

Major Products: Horses, wheat, bread, saddles, horseshoes, tackle, Horse Hoof (a strong brandy that is extremely potent, very delicious, and fairly expensive), and leather goods.

Armed Forces: 1,115 regular troops comprised of 250 light infantry, 100 heavy shock troops, 165 artillerists/engineers, and 600 cavalry of varying types, fully half of which are centaur or wemic. The entire cavalry force is considered elite. In an emergency an additional 2,500 centaur and wemic cavalry can be pressed into service.

Notable Mages: Liras Son of Tinasu (CN, Wemic Male, W13) is the commanding officer of the cavalry, and when he isn't constantly drilling his troops, he can be found tending to his herds of horses or doing research into earth based spells.

Vesril the Lame (LG, Human Male, W15) was born with useless legs, and he spent his early youth pursuing magic to overcome this. He is now under the effect of a permanent levitate spell and uses a walking staff to help get around, much like a bargeman poling his craft. Vesril is an expert in body affecting spells and in the field of medicine and human physiology.

Notable Churches: Lliira, Eldath, Lathander, Grumbar, Mielikki.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: For the most part, Lawson is not a wealthy community, and as such there is no organized thieves' guild. Instead, thieves stake out a territory and control it. It is up to the individual thief to decide whether or not to let other thieves work his territory. To be technical you could say that there are a lot of little guilds in Lawson. The most experienced, and thus most respected and feared thief is Alfred the Wolf (NE, Human Male, T14). All other thieves respect him and come to him with problems or when things get hot, all for a fee, of course. Alfred works his territory alone and will warn away anyone who works in his territory, the first time. The second time he kills them.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are vital in keeping the outlying areas relatively safe. Therefore, they are openly accepted throughout the town. However, most prefer to stay at the Golden Hoard, which is about a mile out of town. It is big, clean and cheap, has very good food and ale, and is just rowdy enough to be highly entertaining.

Important Characters: Morla of Unther (NG, Human Female, F5) is a highly skilled vet, specializing in horses, centaurs, and wemics, despite being highly allergic to them. She doesn't let this interfere in her job, though, and her advice on the health of these beings is in large demand.

Morser Macehand (CN, Halfling Male, F2) is so named because he is always carrying a mace. Some say he even sleeps with it. Whether or not this is true is not important. What is important is his inn, The Golden Hoard. If anyone is looking for an adventure, or looking to hire adventurers, his is the place to visit.

Sir Egaro the Eldest (LG, Centaur Male, Paladin15) is the most respected, and feared, wielder of a lance in the entire Regions. Warriors from as far away as Waterdeep and Cormyr have come to receive private lessons from him. His apprentices also make some of the best lances in the Regions.

Emoc'rr (LN, Half-orc Male, F1) is a simple farmer who quietly tends to his fields of oat. He doesn't know why horses that eat his oats seem to have more energy and stamina throughout the day. He doesn't know why foals raised exclusively on his oats grow up bigger and stronger (15% of horse having one extra Hit Die). He claims that he doesn't do anything special. He does know that his oats are nearly worth their weight in gold, and as such, a private force of 50 centaurs protects his fields. His barns are guarded by a force of 50 guards.

Important Features in Town: Lawson is a rarity among the larger cities of Rossak in that it has no walls. Instead, the town is built on an area that is littered with ponds. A large circular grouping of ponds forms the outer edge of the town, and no street goes more than about 300 yards before it has to move around a body of water. These ponds and the large stone buildings that occupy the spaces between form the main defensive works of the town. Along with the highly skilled cavalry the town is easily defended. The town is also spread out over a large area. It measures nearly 5 miles in diameter. There is a lot of open space throughout the town, dotted with groves of trees. It is these open areas where the vast majority of the four-footed residents live. A good number, though, freely roam in herds in the outlying areas.

One of the biggest sources of income for Lawson is the Academy of Horse, which is a school for training cavalry. Most of the applicants are turned down because there isn't enough room, though a hefty contribution can almost certainly guarantee admission into the school. The headmaster (Sir Ramis, CG, Human Male, F19), though, is not afraid to dismiss anyone from the school. Despite being nearly 85, Sir Ramis can outperform and outfight any of his students, and anyone within 100 miles.

Local Lore: The area around Lawson is as wild and untamed as can be found in the Regions, and as such, a large number of adventurers roam about the area in search of fame, fortune, and fights. The monsters, though, don't realize that this should make the area safe. They do know not to do anything directly against Lawson because of the cavalry.

The Cult of the Dragon currently has a force of nearly 300 agents roaming the mountains in search a fabled ancient red dragon, Fang. He has yet to be found and the cult still looks. Some Harpers, though, are on a safari to hunt down these cult members and they can often be found in town resting and stocking up on supplies.


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