The Central Protectorate


Who Rules: King Serwarpuk Echlergar (CG, Gnome Female, I18) has never been seen in public. She uses illusion to make herself appear as a male, a much more acceptable sex for the ruler of a gnomish enclave. This illusion is maintained by magic items and backed up my spells. So far no one has seen through it, and given her skill at running the city none have ever considered the possibility of deception.

Who Really Rules: Serwarpuk rules wisely, with kindness and compassion, great skill, and an iron fist.

Population: 7,800 (85% gnome, 12% dwarf, 2% human, 1% other).

Major Products: Copper, Silver, Electrum, weapons, mining equipment, beasts of burden (mostly mules), a clear potato liquor known as Mule Kick, and a very sweet white wine known as Ice Dragon.

Armed Forces: 800 (all treated as heavy infantry/artillerists/sappers), augmented by a militia of up to 500 more.

Notable Mages: Kelm Redmantle (LG, Gnome Male, I15) specializes in spells dealing with providing light, or taking it away. He is also an expert mineralogist. He is currently working on a means of detecting poisonous gasses in mines, thus saving the lives of countless numbers of canaries.

Buran Egorov (CN, Elf Male, W13) is completely fascinated by gnomes and often transforms himself into one so as to better learn about them. He has even learned the skill of mining and spent quite a bit of time mining and processing ore. Besides being an expert on gnomish society and mining, he is also an expert in the field of evocation spells.

Ril'dar Whiteguard (NE, Human Male, W12) has set himself up as a gem appraiser and moneychanger. However, he is working with the thieves' guild to set up buyers to be robbed. He is also skimming more from the guild than he is letting on. He is very open about being a mage and will even sell advice about gems, a field in which he is an expert.

Notable Churches: Gond, Torm, Eldath.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The Silver Glove is the local thieves' guild, led by the charismatic Vesach (LE, Human Male, T15). The guild is primarily made up of bandits, and derives most of its profits from this field of business, but a small, select group of highly skilled cat burglars remove certain, select items from the city for safekeeping within their guild

Equipment Shops: Full, though Half on certain items for Medium sized beings.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers can freely roam the city, though only 4 inns near the main gate of town actually cater to human sized guests.

Important Characters: Nyin "The Canary" Feathercap (CN, Dwarf Male, F2) came to Larmer years ago, the sole survivor of a novice adventuring party. He soon realized the import business was more profitable, and much safer. His import was canaries, to be used as disposable gas detectors in the mine. Several of his shipments have been "liberated" by members of the Emerald Enclave. Because of this, he has learned as much as he can about the Emerald Enclave, and he is as much of an expert on this group as an outsider can be.

Sman Koil (CG, Gnome Male, P7) is a priest of Gond and makes high quality mining equipment. His equipment is highly sought after, but hard to get. The reason for this is that he sells first and foremost to the local miners, who get the equipment at regular cost. Outsiders must pay the high quality price.

Asack Birchbranch (CN, Gnome Male, 0-level merchant) deals primarily in the importing of lumber. Most of this lumber goes directly into the mines as shoring timber. Logs of high quality, though, go to Asack's second business, furniture maker. His furniture is of high quality, and Larmer's little secret. Unknown to anyone but the local leaders, Asack also deals in the acquisition of information, most of which is shipped with his lumber.

Angkimpol Snowbeard (LN, Gnome Male, F14) is a self-taught expert on white dragons. He has spent the last 50 years searching for a local nuisance, but has only found him twice. Both times it was a draw, with Angkimpol coming off a little worse than the dragon. He refuses to give up, though. Snowbeard is also an expert on winter survival skills.

Important Features in Town: Larmer is a small, walled city and is kept very clean. Because of its close proximity to the nearby mountains the city is heavily fortified with very impressive, thick walls. The interior of the city is quite strange to a lot of its visitors. Most of the buildings are built on a scale to accommodate gnomes and dwarves. In fact, on several occasions, attackers have successfully stormed the walls, but once inside were unable to occupy most of the buildings, which are all heavily fortified themselves. The city is built atop a large hill, with most of the mine entrances being located near the center of town. All of these are heavily fortified to keep unwanted people out, and unwanted creatures in, if the need arises.

Local Lore: A white dragon lives somewhere in the mountains east of Larmer. His exact age is not known, but he has attacked the city 4 times over the past 200 years. The interval between his attacks has been roughly 35 years. It has been just over 50 years since his last attack. Quite a few townspeople old enough to remember the attack say it is long overdue and some of these are getting a bit paranoid. Over the years the dragon, named Frosttalon, has acquired quite a vast hoard of treasure.

In addition to the dragon, and all the local hoards of orcs, kobolds, and goblins, there are also several bands of ogres and giants who live in this particular "neck of the mountains." Griffins and hippogriffs also dwell high within the peaks and a couple times a year some group of adventurers shows up with the idea of taming some flying mounts. Most return empty handed and a few members short. The rest never come back. Whether or not they succeeded or perished, no one knows. About once a decade a group of dwarves from the Great Rift come through to replenish some of their elite aerial mounts. They are the only ones who have ever come back through the town successfully.


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