Partially-Ruined City


Who Rules: Queen Elitha (LE, Lich Human Female, W37) and Lord Ironclaw (CE, Red Dragon Lich) rule jointly.

Who Really Rules: Queen Elitha helped Ironclaw attain lichdom, and Ironclaw defers to Elitha out of respect whenever there is a disagreement.

Population: 14,000 (50% human, 35% draconian, 10% lizardman, 5% other) living, plus an estimated 3,000 various undead. The population of humans, though, is steadily dwindling.

Major Products: Weapons, armor, poison, undead. Elbudar doesn't have any official dealings with any other cities, and therefore they don't have any exports. A few residents do, however, make Druid Fluid, a slightly sweet liqueur made from mistletoe and juniper berries. It is illegal to produce or consume in the city and as such it is a closely guarded secret by those who make it. Bottles have been known to sell for a thousand gold pieces each in other cities in Rossak.

Armed Forces: The Skeletal Claw is a group of 300 soldiers who act more as terrorists than a true military force, rounding up people with questionable loyalty. Many a citizen and visitor has been arrested and never seen again.

Notable Mages: Queen Elitha forbids mages from living within Elbudar. Those that visit must wear bright orange robes, have an escort at all times, are forbidden from casting spells in public, and can only stay for 10 days. However, despite this, there are an estimated 30 mages living in the city, though in great secrecy and at great risk to their lives. Nothing is known about them.

Notable Churches: Bhaal and Bane are the only deities that can be worshipped in Elbudar.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: There is no guild of any sort. Every time a guild is formed, The Skeletal Claw ruthlessly destroys it in a matter of weeks. Krine (LE, ½-orc Male, T17) is one of Elitha's advisors and sees to it that no guild is formed. Individual thieves are allowed to operate freely, but if they are caught they are punished accordingly.

Equipment Shops: Half, except for weapons and armor.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are not liked, but they are grudgingly allowed into town. However, any that do are required to strip down in the presence of guards, turn over all weapons, magic items, armor, and spell components, and are forced to wear bright green robes. Elitha was once an adventurer and sees to it that nothing is stolen.

Important Characters: Rat Face (LG, ½-orc Male, F9) runs an underground organization that tries to smuggle people out of the town before The Skeletal Claw gets a hold of them. He has several informants within the Claws, but he has been magically altered so that he doesn't know who they are. He is also a member of The Resistance, a group that hopes to someday overthrow the rules and return the city to its former glory.

Putch (CN, Dwarf Male, F28) runs The Broken Chalice, an Inn that serves great food at a low price. He is the leader of The Resistance and uses his establishment as a headquarters. He gets away with this because he was once an adventuring companion of Elitha, and she naively believes that Putch would never betray her.

Torch Smokehelm (CE, Dwarf Female, F22) is one of the most sadistic and brutal assassins in all of the Regions of Rossak. She makes sure that her victims suffer a slow and agonizing death, one that is often assisted through the use of torture, torture that serves no purpose other than to amuse Torch. She is very hard to track down and will often murder those seeking to employ her just because it strikes her fancy. She is 100% reliable when she gives her word and takes a contract and will never double cross her employer while on a mission. Afterwards, though, she has been known to take out a former employee if he is deemed rich enough. Fire is one of her favorite weapons.

Myst Cloudeyes (NE, Elf Female, W18) is the only person who is actually liked by Torch. She is also one of the few persons who can tolerate Torch's cruel personality. Visually they make an odd couple but they work very well together as a team. Myst has no compulsion about double crossing an employer during a mission but will never do so if she is working alongside Torch. She knows that double-crossing Torch is a surefire way to stop breathing.

Kara Icemace (LG, Human Female, F12 W14) is a vigilante who lives in the lands surrounding Elbudar. She wages a one-woman war against the underworld horrors that have been cropping up in and outside of the city. She is known to the Ansar Knights and sometimes works with them, but for the most part she works on her own. She will sometimes enter into the city if she deems it necessary, but she will try to avoid doing so if she can.

Important Features in Town: Elbudar was once a city with a population of 78,000, laid out in four concentric circles. The outer two sections are now completely ruined. The innermost is where the rulers reside and is in pristine condition. The other section, though, is a mixture of ruins and buildings that are still standing. The city is relatively safe during the day, but at night only a few well-lit streets are used.

Local Lore: Elbudar was one of the founding cities of The Regions of Rossak, and was quite prosperous. However, just over a year ago Elitha and Ironclaw showed up and the two of them laid waste to most of the town. Nothing could withstand them, and most of the military and existing population fled in terror within a matter of hours. Those who remained were primarily evil or loved their city so much that they hope to someday win it back. The Resistance has agents spread out throughout the Realms looking for forces strong enough to stand up to Elitha and Ironclaw. Very few people have been found who are willing to try. Some brave individuals have joined but won't stand up to them alone because the few who have were brutally slain.

The area around Elbudar has become one filled with terrors beyond belief. This has attracted a large number of adventurers to the area, but most are smart enough to avoid the city itself. The Ansar Knights have taken a keen interest in the area, trying to limit the amount of damage done to the surrounding area. However, large numbers of demons have been reported in the area and this has kept the Ansarians extremely busy of late.


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