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Who Rules: Sir Brodek Blunthammer (CE, Dwarf Male, F15), who inherited the throne from his father, who was a kind and just lord. The population was none to happy the way Brodek turned out, but he wasn't as bad as people though he would be.

Who Really Rules: Lady Yagalla Blunthammer (CG, Dwarf Female, F12) married her husband because of an arranged marriage. At first she resented her role as Brodek's wife, but shortly after the marriage her father in law died and Brodek was the king, and she realized that she could wield a great deal of power from behind the throne. To this end she secretly approached most of the town council and successfully sought out their help. While Brodek may be greedy, and at times sadistic and cruel, he has great business acumen and is keenly adept at navigating the complex political relationships that exist throughout the realms. Lady Yagalla, and certain members of the council, makes sure that he doesn't destroy the city.

Population: 17,000 (75% dwarf, 24% human, 1% other).

Major Products: Pickled fish, fishing equipment, commerce, semi-precious gems, kegs, and Merwine, made from seaweed.

Armed Forces: 1,400 (1,200 heavy infantry, 200 artillerists/engineers), a small fleet of 6 heavy warships manned by all human crews, and the assistance of several Earth and Water elementals who act as under-ground/water scouts. In times of need a militia of 1,200 of mixed infantry and artillerists can be raised.

Notable Mages: Motipé Silverfin (CN, Human Male, W21) is Admiral of the fleet who naturally specializes in naval spells. He knows what is really going in behind the political scenes, but he doesn't care. All he does care about, though, is protecting the city from any waterborne threat.

Ami Questhall (CE, Elf Female, W14) was brought in by the local thieves' guild to help with some problems from a rival guild that was trying to move in. However, she overthrew both groups and took the remnants and started her own guild

Notable Churches: Dwarven gods, Tymora, Umberlee, Istisha (Water Lord of the Elementals), Bane, Besheba.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: The Wizard's Cleft is a magic shop owned and run by Ami Questhall, a mage who took over two rival thief guilds and made her own. She is ruthless in her profession and has no qualms of killing anyone that gets in her way. In her shop she seems like a kind, beautiful, scholarly mage with a keen business sense. That is exactly what she wants the world to think. If they only knew her true, darker sadistic side!

Equipment Shops: Full, especially naval type equipment.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are only allowed to stay in the port quarters, unless they obtain a special permit from Zorek Bladethirst (LE, Dwarf Male, T8), the town's Adventurer Liaison. Zorek is extremely greedy and depending on his mood that day these permits can be quite expensive. Once obtained, though, adventurers may travel freely throughout town.

Important Characters: Angela Steelhelm (LN, Dwarf Female, F6) is a local merchant who owns a fleet of 6 trading ships. She imports just about anything she can get her hands on if she thinks she can make a profit. She is quite honest in her dealings, but she will use every edge she can get to make money. She will also get anything that someone wants. This can be quite expensive, however.

Yehenna Lavan (CN, Dwarf Female, 0-level) is the owner of a local sail making shop that specializes in intricate design work on the sails. Her sails are sought after as far away as Corymr. She ships her sails through Angela Steelhelm's business, and uses this as an excuse to attain information that certain other clients wish to purchase.

Wilhem Wundt (LG, Human Male, W3) is an expert navigator and map maker. Almost all of the governments on the shores of the Inner Sea of Rossak use his maps or copies of his maps as their official maps.

Important Features in Town: Dregfeld is built on a 2 mile wide bay, at the base of a cliff under a large overhang. This cliff is horseshoe shaped and quite large. The entire town itself, though, is only about 200' feet wide (anywhere from 50' to 300' at some points), and only about half of the town is protected by the overhang. The top of the cliff is surmounted with a narrow wall and some defensive towers. The narrow opening is heavily defended with high towers and a large boom of heavy, thick chains that can block off the narrow inlet. The port quarters are on either side of the bay entrance and extend only a short ways in. The mine entrances are at various areas of town, against the cliff wall, and all are heavily guarded. Other than basements and military installations, no structure (except for additional, secret areas of the palace) is allowed to be built into the cliffs or underground.

Local Lore: Dregfeld was founded 125 years ago by Dregfeld the Cowardly, a dwarven warrior who was kicked out of Dorgan Gap for cowardice in battle. Dregfeld, though, had been the victim of a scare spell, but no one had witnessed this. A lot of his friends and family, though, believed him and followed him into exile. After several years of aimless wandering, they came upon a small fishing town built in a sheltered bay. Dregfeld and his comrades offered their services as soldiers, artisans, and craftsmen to the town in return for a place to live. The townspeople, ever victims to orcs, kobolds, and goblins, were more than grateful for the assistance. Soon, Dregfeld had risen to the top as a prominent citizen, and within ten years, he was elected mayor. Over the next 100 years wandering dwarves started to migrate to the newly named city of Dregfeld, and it grew to its present size. Dregfeld was made King, and it was he who decreed that the dwarves live above ground. He did this as an act of defiance over his shame, and the decree has stuck ever since. It was Dregfeld who hired wizards to augment the military, and convinced them to make a pact with some earth elementals to offer assistance in detecting underground threats and ore veins.

Mining is big in Dregfeld, but fishing is the main commerce, so much so that half of the fishing fleet is made up of dwarves. Many experts on mining, sailing, and fishing can be found in Dregfeld. Over the years, relations with the Free Cities of Dorgan have greatly improved, and at any given time, military units from Dregfeld will be in various Dorgan cities for cross training, and the same is true of Dorgan units being in Dregfeld.


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