Dorgan Wood
The Free Cities of Dorgan


Who Rules: Lord Eldgrim Arrowbreaker (LG, Dwarf Male, F13), so named because he once split an oncoming arrow with his battleaxe. He is a fair and just ruler, treating all beneath him as an equal. However, he is a bit naïve and sometimes gets too involved with the minor details and doesn't delegate tasks like he should.

Who Really Rules: Osric Beechwood (NE, Elf Male, F17), who is a prominent member of the local elven community. He uses respect for the environment to play upon the overly good intentions of Lord Eldgrim to get what he wants. Osric doesn't really rule from behind the throne, he simply heavily influences Lord Eldgrim.

Population: 19,000 (55% dwarf, 40% elf, 5% other).

Major Products: Raw lumber, finished wood products, quarried stone and Tree Bark, a bitter but highly potent mead.

Armed Forces: 6,000 (3,500 heavy dwarf infantry, 750 dwarf combat engineers, 250 artillerists, 1,500 light infantry/archers made up equally of dwarves and elves).

Notable Mages: Sarlic Moonbody (N, Elf Male, W14) is a local hermit. He has no real home, but he does have several small tree houses where he keeps small things. He does have a hidden cave that is heavily protected by magic where he stores his few valuable possessions. Sarlic spends most of his time roaming the woods, chatting with the lumberjacks, hunters, adventurers, and military patrols. He knows the entire woods like the back of his hands, and he knows within days of anything that is amiss. However, because he is truly neutral, he won't take direct action against anything evil. If anyone seeks him out for information he may or may not help them depending on where he feels the local balance between good and evil is.

Ainigriv Sodbreath (CN, Gnome Male, I11) got his name from his habit of eating dirt, is the town nut. He is an overly friendly, quite crazy, illusionist. He frequents local inns and taverns, performing tricks for small change and food. He has contacts across the entire Realms and thus has information on far-flung places, even as far as Kara Tur, the asian lands. However, he knows very little about anything that goes on in the area of North Rossak, and knows only slightly more that is going on in the areas of South, East, and West Rossak. His information is reliable, but it may take several hours for him to get around to answering a simple question.

Notable Churches: All Dwarven churches, Mielikki, Silvanus, Helm, Tempus.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves' Guilds: No thieve's guild at all. Only a few thieves operate in the area, making a living stealing from the few powerful merchants in the area and from visitors.

Equipment Shops: Full.

Adventurers' Quarters: Adventurers are welcome in all parts of Dorgan Wood.

Important Characters: Odon the Clothmaker (CG, Dwarf Male, 0-level) spends his days at his shop making cloth from imported raw materials. Located on the main square, Odon's is a favorite hang out with the ladies, who gossip non-stop all day. While much of the gossip is meaningless a lot of political information passes through Odon's shop, information Odon keeps on mental file in case it is needed.

Yadnus Enin (CE, Dwarf Male, A11) is a cutthroat assassin who will be true to his word and kill his target, though he won't hesitate to take a counter-contract against his employer, and then kill both clients!

Rebmetpes (LN, ½-Elf, F3) is an expert on making all types of arrows.

Bornek Woodheart (CG, Dwarf Male, 0-level) is an expert sage in the fields of trees and woodland mammals.

Skarl (LG, ½-Orc, F14) is known by everyone in town, but he wears a special hat to mark him as friendly. The reason for this is that he can easily pass for a full orc. To this end he is employed as a spy to find out what the orcs are doing.

Important Features in Town: Dorgan Wood is built on a granite mesa that juts up out of the middle of the forest. While it is quite large (almost 2 square miles in a roughly circular shape), it isn't very tall, being 30' tall all the way around. The walls of the town, though, are 30' tall and built right up to the edge of the mesa. There is one main causeway up to the city, with a large drawbridge at the end, but there are numerous wooden stairways that wind down from the top of the walls to the forest below. These are always heavily guarded and can be cut away in a matter of seconds. The above ground area of the town is quite spacious, with wide shrub lined boulevards and many parks, and the underground portion is confined to a small area towards the center of town, though it goes down several levels.

Local Lore: When the dwarves came to this area, they had tunneled all the way here, extending the Dorgan Highway, and one day they just appeared on top of the mesa and started building. This was 350 years ago, and at the time the elves and dwarves weren't exactly on the best of terms. Naturally, there was a war. It was fortunately brief, but it was quite bloody. Since then the dwarves and elves have been on good terms, though the occasional racial spat does spill over into a fight.

It is because of this past that the elves are heavily involved in the local politics, so as to ensure that the local environment isn't exploited. However, the dwarves have been careful not to over harvest any trees. In fact, the dwarves and elves have a great symbiotic relationship. The elves help the dwarves harvest lumber and provide them with bows, arrows, and some finished wood products, and the dwarves provide stone and masonry skills.

The local woods, though, are home to quite a few tribes of orcs who dwell in the area, and they are constantly at war with each other, be it above ground amongst the trees, or under the ground, in the dark. This area is full of underground cave and tunnel complexes, so it is natural for the orcs and dwarves to send forces against each other at any given time. This makes for an ideal environment for adventurers, and there are always at least 3-6 groups in the town, either recovering from an adventure, or getting ready to head out.


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