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Alora Pearlhammer
of Great Gorge


Alora Pearlhammer is a retired adventurer (Fighter, Level 6) who gave up the life of the road to run a tavern, The Lucky Pearl. She is short even by dwarf standards but makes up for it with a force of personality equal to several dwarves and she wears her hair and beard long and interwoven with various hair beads, many of which are believed to be magical in nature. Known for her loud voice, friendly smile, warm demeanor, her incredible intelligence (17 Int.) and her beautiful looks (18 Cha., 16 to non-dwarves) Alora is someone that few people ever forget. She truly loves great food, incredible drink, and even better conversation and the only thing more important to her than the quality of her establishment and the satisfaction of her customers is her love of friends and family, for whom she will do anything. Alora is extremely talkative, sometimes to the point of being annoying, but she simply loves talking with people, especially strangers who may have new and interesting stories. When it comes to gossip, none know more of what is going on in the city of Great Gorge and the surrounding countryside than Alora does, but while she is very loyal to her customers her love of gossip makes it very hard for her to keep any secrets. One of her most endearing traits is that when she is really excited, whether telling a story or listening to one, she literally hops up and down as would a small child eagerly waiting to receive a gift


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