Easter Egg #1!

Congratulations! You have found the first Easter Egg on The Group's web page! Now though, you are wondering, "But, Dungeon Master, what do we get for finding this Easter Egg?" Well, besides being able to see yet more of my meager HTML coding skills you will earn yourself a permanent boost of 4 hit points to your character! However, you must earn this bonus. I will not simply give it to you because you just happened to have put your mouse over a ruined tower. At the next session after you have found this egg you must stand in front of me, give me a bow, and say, "Your HTML coding skills are very meager, but your Easter Egg is awesome! The Code Phrase for my bonus Hit Points is ______________." At that point you are duly authorized by me, Your DM, to add 4 hit points to your character's total hit points. Please bear in mind that this is a one-time deal! Oh, and if you tell another player where to find this link and I find out I will not only take back the 4 hit points, but I will take away 4 more plus 1 point in your main attribute! So no cheating! You can tell them that there is an Easter Egg on the Links Page, but you cannot give them any hints! Again, No Cheating!


Butch Egg Not Found Code Phrase Screaming Axe
Jennifer Egg Not Found Code Phrase Dragon Slayer
Lena Egg Not Found Code Phrase Awesome Mirror
Melissa Egg Not Found Code Phrase Bag of Gold
Richard Egg Found!!!! Code Phrase Drunken Dagger


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