Hell's Paradise

Dark Gray regions represent solid, reinforced concrete barricades. They are 20 feet tall.
Medium Gray regions are sidewalks.
White Regions are low walls. They are 2 feet tall. They are impassable but can be fired over.
Blue regions are ditches, dry or water filled as desired. Treat as a 2 foot wide ditch.
Alcoves are firing positions for pedestrians. They offer either no cover or as much as desired

Hell's Paradise Map A1 Hell's Paradise Map A1
Hell's Paradise Map B1 Hell's Paradise Map B1
Hell's Paradise Map C1 Hell's Paradise Map C1

Located in Western New York State and built on the old Lake Erie Speedway track, Hell's Paradise was orginally created as a training ground to hone the driving skills of drivers. The winding, twisting track is ideal for drivers with quick reflexes, and those without nerves of steel either wash out of the school or are carried out in body bags. The facility was built with a massive camera system so that drivers could review their tapes and see where they made mistakes and correct them. The entire facility is at ground level but the area sourrounding the arena was built up so that the facility appears to be sunken into the ground. Dozens of retractable ramps can be lowered just about anywhere along the outer ring. Movable catwalks also criss cross the facility allowing various work crews access to the hundreds of cameras that are mounted atop the walls.

Several years ago two drivers were training on the course at the same time when they had a minor collision. Each driver blamed the other and the altercation quickly escalated from words to fists. They were eventually pulled apart but the animosity never went away. One night the two drivers snuck back onto the course, but with their cars fully armed. Unbeknownst to the two drivers some of the cameramen were in the control room and recorded the duel. While the duel was longer than normal the game of cat and mouse between the two pilots was enthralling. The next day the tape had been seen by everyone at the facility, including the owner. The tapes were copied and distributed to local TV stations and they were a hit. The control room was quickly expanded to handle more control stations and a viewing center was built nearby. The track can easily track upwards of 16 different vehicles while 500 fans drink, eat, and enjoy the spectale of drivers testing their driving skills as well as their aim. During the winter the facility hosts snowmobile duals.

Recently, looking to add something new to the course the owner installed one-man bunkers throughout the facility. These are nothing more than a small booth with a removable dutch door. When used each bunker has a personal weapon stored inside, ranging from crossbows with explosive tip arrows to assault rifles to machine guns to LAW rockets. These events are always team events and take on two forms. The first type involves gunners secretly choosing a bunker before hand and then deployed into the bunker. They are do not have to use the weapon located there but they must wait for the drivers to start before they can attempt to get to another bunker. The other version includes one or more unarmored motorcycles as part of each team. The cycles are given a head start but other than that there are no specific rules on what weapons they can use and when they can use them. The drivers are free to hole up in a bunker or continue on to a better vantage point.

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Bullet Hell's Paradise Map A1
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Bullet Hell's Paradise Map B1
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Bullet Hell's Paradise Map C1
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